Standings and Diamond Rat behavior

Where can I see a list of all the effects of Standing levels?

Mostly trying to find at what level the diamond rats in belts will
-attack me
-ignore me
-help me

Read in another post that at maybe 5.0 and higher they will rep you, but can’t find anything official to back that up.

Co-Head of the United Standings Improvement Agency [USIA] here.

Character Sheet > Interactions > Standings will show you your standings with NPC factions, corps, and agents. If you have questions on how to improve standings, or would like them improved for you, head on over to the USIA Discord, and we’ll be happy to provide advice (that’s always free) or provide service :slight_smile:

Appreciate it. Found a google doc that explains it a little bit.

Just was expecting to find something that explains the mechanics of the game from the people…who made the game.

But the Standing guide is…well look.

No mention of the 2.0 for the diamond rats not to attack. 5.0 for reps, etc. So the guide is missing important information. Is is supposed to be secret? Can a player get banned for revealing this information to others?


In that order. If for example you run alot of minmatar missions, diamond rats from any member corp will be blue, and probably Ammarian member corps will be red.

NPC Mining Fleets react to Corporation standing, not Faction standing.

I don’t think CCP has posted any specific numbers for the NPC Mining Fleets reaction. The only thing I could find was this:

Red/Orage = Hostile
White = Neutral
Light Blue/Dark Blue = Friendly

I previously filed a support ticket to inquiry CCP for this information. They said they deliberately did not reveal this information to players (standing levels + behaviors at those standing levels, ie. what “helpful” means) because it is “for us to discover”. CCP doesn’t prohibits us for inferring this information and sharing it with others provided it doesn’t involve reverse engineering the game client or data packets, etc.

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