Triglavian and Edencom Standings Mechanics

Are all Triglavian and Edencom ships classified as diamond NPCs?

This is the first case I am seeing where every ship in a faction is aware of a players standings. I like it. It is a good system. CCP should do that with everyone.

But this is just my opinion on an internet forum and so I ask for other peoples thoughts and opinions.

Instant popping Steve’s aside, what do you think about the Standing system used for these 2 new factions (applies to all ships diamond or not, ignores diplomacy, criminal connections, etc) and what changes do you think would make it better? And do you think this system should be applied to all existing factions?

They are not Diamond NPCs, they are a new, distinct class of NPCs with different standing mechanics from anything else. Diamond rat standings still use normal faction/corp standings and benefit from Social-tree skills (Diplomacy, Connections, etc) while EDENCOM and Triglavian Collective are entirely distinct.

(Edit: I assume the reason they do not get benefit from Social skills is their current implementation is purely for the event - long-term if they convert to permanent factions I would expect CCP to start applying Social skills to them.)

That said, I do like the derived standings changes for ship kills that is being used for Trig vs EDENCOM; logically, if I decide to start hunting Caldari Navy ships, Guristas Pirates should like that activity and I should have some measure of conferred ‘respect’ with them as a result of killing their enemies. I would love to see CCP apply existing Faction vs Faction derived standings mechanics to ship kill-based standing changes, across the board.

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