Edencom/Triglavian Standings


I would like to propose a couple of ideas to make both Triglavian and Edencom standings more meaningful without diluting the experience for those who’ve chosen to go dual standings.

At the moment the incentive to get dual standings is much higher to go dual standings and there is no tangible reason to choose one faction over another. I don’t think this is intentional but is an unexpected by product of how the game mechanics currently work in Pochven.

Here are some ideas for helping to address this - please consider the following or perhaps iterations of this which are in line with EVE’s sandbox mindset.

  • Add additional LP rewards on a sliding scale
    • The difference between the standings of the two factions theoretically increasing the level of rewards for their loyalty
  • Rewards scaling in the context of all of the below sub-bullets
    • 10 for one and -10 for the other could bring a more tangible and immersive experience to the player
  • Reduced cost of rewards
  • Reduced cost of station services
  • Access to Liminal and Escalation Content inside Pochven for Trigs
  • Access to Staging and Escalation Content inside Pochven for Edencom
  • Access to Missions for both factions
  • Reduced costs of Edencom ships and specific components needed for Edencom ships for Capsuleers who are unequivocal in support of Edencom
  • Strategic based PvE / PvP objectives in systems where there is frequent skirmishes between the two factions
  • Create a more immersive sandbox experience by tying in-game themes to both PvE, PvP and a mixture of both to developments for either side to meaningful experiences in the game
  • Review content that is redundant, unnecessarily repetitive, boring, not immersive, counterintuitive, left in a broken or dysfunctional state
  • Include content that is engaging, dynamic, adaptive and immersive, intuitive, iterated upon and is increases player enjoyment
  • Iterate this philosophy to all factions to where standings is a more meaningful, engaging and enjoyable experience.

More to come…

That comes after CCP’s benefits… if there’s time.
Anyway, good luck on your suggestions. Don’t hold your breath tho.

As much as we’d all like something like this to happen, I don’t think the kind of development effort this would require is going to happen re: trigs/edencom/pochven for a few years, possibly ever. CCP has other things in the pipeline and limited bandwidth for development. They do not lack ideas for how to fix Edencom and/or the trig storyline as a whole, they lack the time commitment.

Dual standings are entirely intentional, they are an opt-out mechanism for a storyline that is no longer active.

Even few small improvements in loyalty store would make things more interesting. Like putting the clothes there not available now to aquire. People have standings and lp that comes with it but nothing to show for it in the avatar even. The backgrounds for portraits should be available also. One for edencom, one for triglavians.

The problem is that CCP dvelopement department is like an understaffed and equiped fire department:
They have so many fires they need to put out before it destroys everything that they cannot spend time on fire prevention. :thinking:

Yeah I understand this but it’d be nice if they can eventually start to prioritise content sooner rather than too late.

While I’m not holding my breath, I am patient and think that prioritising content should be driving the mechanism of any game that wants to keep it’s players engaged.

Maybe as some have suggested they just can’t do it right now.

Note: I never suggested eliminating dual-standings. I merely suggested make it enticing for players who actaully WANT to pick a side to be able to do so and be rewarded a bit more for it. I don’t think that’s a huge ask.

reported for necro.

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You can’t print isk with observatory flashpoints if you’re negative to Trigs. Running those in large numbers reduces your EDENCOM standing.

The Whole trig thing needs a re-visit…

You can fly in null and W-Space (supposedly the hardest of areas to fly) without restriction, yet to get Trig Standings in order to fly in HiSec you need to actually understand … erm … Standings…

I’ll bet an ISK to a PLEX new players haven’t a clue what this is about.

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Agreed on the topic of standings for ALL factions.

The standings you get for both factions from killing drifters in Pochven more than offsets this for both.

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