The inconcistence of pirate factions

Hello, I come to the data that is a plot gap on the pirate factions, I currently have a position of 8 with the corporation and the Blood Raider faction and having standing so high the ships with the diamond icon and the mining ship they appear in blue but the ships that are in the anomalies, gates and those that reach the asteroid belts and mining anomalies appear in red and attack you regardless of the standing you have with them, make a technical assistance ticket with ccp because I thought it was a mistake of the game but apparently it is not and they recommended me to make a topic in the forum to seek support from the community to make a change, because it simply does not make sense that no matter what standing they will follow you attacking and those spaceships that attack you belong to the faction and if you kill them standing with the faction going down, it just does not make sense that you have a standing of 8 and or you can not mine in one of your asteroid rings in peace because they will come and attack you

and that’s all, sorry if you find spelling errors, is that I speak more Spanish than English, thank you for your time if you read everything


It has been like this since Eve launched. I cannot see it changing until ALL npc’s are replaced by the “new advanced AI” type.

When that might happen in anyone’s guess (not soon though).

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Agree this needs to be fixed. Ties into the ongoing problem of doing missions for one faction against enemies of all the factions (Blood Raiders, Rogue Drones) resulting in a decrease in the opposing factions standings, even if the action took place in the opposing faction’s system, thereby making it directly safer for the opposing faction. Also adds to the stupid decrease in standings if you happen to ship needed medical supplies to stop epidemics, move refugees, or rescue stranded civilians. CCP also stealthed into the game harsher consequences (increased penalty to opposing faction) to help “stop being able to be positive with all the main factions”, at least that is what a GM responded to me when an inquiry was made.
That being said, CCP has far more important things to correct before they spend effort to making the game’s lore and gameplay better mesh. I do understand your concern, however.

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That’s probably just the GM’s own personal opinion.

CCP originally coded the game with various options available so that players could become positive with all Empire Factions. CCP just didn’t make every single one of those options known and left it to the players to find out for themselves.

When I first started playing in mid 2008, the general consensus was that after training up Diplomacy level 5, players had to either alternate running missions and storyline offers for each set of allied Factions or make a choice as to which set of allied Factions to side with, basically cutting off access to that half of Empire space.

At that time there were only 3 Career Agents (3 sets = 9 per Faction) instead of the 5 Career Agents (3 sets = 15 per Faction) currently available. There were also 60 (15 per Faction) different single mission Event Agents known as ‘Tutorial’ Agents who gave a small Faction standing increase. There’s also another group of Event Agents for each main Faction called the Circle Agents along with Data Center Agents and Cosmos Agents.

The issue at that time was that most of this content wasn’t well known, it wasn’t generally publicized nor was it all documented and grouped together.

The 60 ‘Tutorial’ Agents were not well known and the Circle Agents were pretty much unheard of. Back then the Data Center Agents cost a fortune to start due to the Level 1 Agents requiring 20 Pirate Tags instead of the current requirement of 3 Tags. The Cosmos Agents themselves take a lot of time to complete and require Faction standing to access their content.

Around mid 2009 CCP added the Epic Arcs to help players gain Faction standing more quickly. Towards the end of 2009, I spent 3 months doing research for all Event Agents that gave Faction standing increase, gathered all that info, documented it and released the ‘Faction Standing Repair Plan’ to the community at the start of 2010. Eventually due to constant rework of the NPE (New Player Experience), CCP removed the 60 ‘Tutorial’ Agents.

CCP also changed the standing requirements for Agents making level 1 Agents available to all despite having negative Faction standing.

So yeah, I don’t think CCP actually wants to stop players from having positive standings with all Empire Factions. However it wouldn’t surprise me to know they’re making it a bit more tougher for players to maintain positive standings since the info on how to do it is more known now than it was before.


I made a material for war preparation for amarr then minmatar, and it resulted in a decrease of standing for both (something like +2 then -1.88 which translates into negative gain when I have over 3)

The only way to not ■■■■ you standing is to not do storyline. Instead, do an epic soe with an alt while you farm with your main, that will give the standing back of refusing 100 missions - but you also need to make the same mission for friendly faction, because you also lose the same amount for it. so every 50 mission declined you need to do a blood stained star.

If you want to keep high standing with all factions, that is.
Otherwise you can just keep doing missions for one factions, and have alts to make missions for other factions. and only doe soe when a faction standing reaches -4.5

Yeah, I’ve reached the same conclusion. I’ve pretty much stopped doing storyline missions under the current standing math imposed by CCP. I’ve been keeping all 4 major factions at +5.0 or better, but without throwing an epic arc of some type every month or two, I find one side or the other dropping below my target standing. Now only if CCP would add some major new benefits to higher faction standing like FacPo coming to your aid to assist CONCORD if attacked, much lower taxes or office costs, etc. Perhaps I should just accept the eventual loss of standing on my least favorite faction, but then I remember how much effort it took to get my Amarr standing back up from -7.5.


yeah the standing system is ■■■■.

I decline bad mission with an agent, I lose standing with its faction and its friendly faction ; I do a difficult mission for this agent, I don’t gain faction standing at all.
The best I found ATM is to have an alt with 5+ matar/gallente and another one with 5+ amarr/calda. I can’t help but think CCP made this to force us to have more alts.


I think the entire standing system is crap. I came in at a time where the penalties were apparently less, because I have above 5.0 faction standing every everyone except Minnmitar. By the sounds of posts above, it seems that CCP doesn’t want that to happen.

This next part is addressed, in general, to CCP. What the f— business of yours if I choose to run missions and get friendly with different factions? Really, what’s it to you? Why do you think it’s a problem that I spent years running missions and managed to get friendly with different people across the cluster? Why, in your mind, is this a problem that needs to be solved, rather than a reward I reap for flying well?

There’s a British saying that I feel really encapsulates how I feel about this. CCP is taking the piss.

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Choices should have consequences in a game like Eve. Standing used to matter a lot more - if you wanted to anchor a POS or create a jump clone. The mission system is old and I doubt CCP will touch it until they are ready to replace it.

OP’s complaint was that he has high standing with a pirate faction and their belt rats still attack his mining ships. I’m afraid I don’t have much sympathy - reward needs to be balanced by risk and some sort of NPC threat needs to spawn in belts. Maybe they should spawn rogue drones if you have high standing with the usual rat faction but I don’t see that it makes much difference.

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Choices should have consequences in a game like Eve

It should, but I’m afraid that it just isn’t true. If there were no alts, then I could agree with you. But with CCP ( seemingly) actively encouraging the use of alts, right along with the vast majority of the players. There realistically are no consequences in Eve. So why not ( for OP)

Sorry, for poor writing/ forum skills


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