NPC miners and NPC piraces getting along?

Do NPC rats not attack NPC miners at all?

I don’t mine, so this hasn’t occurred to me yet, but noticed this when checking out a belt in high-sec earlier. NPCs mining, and the rats just hanging around them like they weren’t even there.

This behavior does really make any sense.

If they did the NPC miners would just bring in their fleet and obliterate them. The rats are mainly to give the player a minor nuisance while granting a bit of a reward for the effort in the form of salvage, loot and security stat.

Having the NPC Miner fleet destroy them would somewhat nerf people that roam to kill rats, and as rare as they are, the other day found me a Dread Gurista and he dropped a faction module worth quite a bit.

It is a very weird thing to watch, though. Makes no sense as far as “lore” goes.

There must be a better way to handle this than just to have the NPCs lurk around them without any interaction. Maybe just have belts that have NPC miners not spawn NPC rats, and instead spawn them in other belts.

It just bugs me to see the rats ignore the miners.

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It’s shoddy programming is what it boils down to. NPC miners will stay around for hours in a completely empty belt. NPC miners will also warp into a completely empty belt. NPC miners lasers also apparently have unlimited range. I bumped an NPC skiff 30km off the rock it was on and it just kept mining away…

Now thats one determined Skiff o_o

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