Npc mining in belt not attacked by rats and triglavian

Strange stuff happening … i saw a lot of mining venture from npc corp in the past … now i saw this guys with 8 skiff melting a belt super quickly with hauler going up and down.

What i think is retarded IMHO is that the triglavian and the other rats dont attack them… WHY ?

Shouldnt they be RED to not be attacked ? make them red and let me destroy them or make the rats attack them also like they attack me since they are blue and mining.

NPC’s don’t attack other NPC’s. Concord won’t even attack them.

isnt that inconsistent since the Concord in this case is protecting red rats ?

Concord’s job is NOT to protect anything. All Concord does is sweep up the mess afterwards…

ok then isnt inconsistent that red belt rats dont attack the npc minersr ?

No. If you want either the NPC miners or the Trig belt rats gone, you have to take care of them yourself. PvE is PLAYER vs environment, not NPC vs NPC. If you want those NPC miners gone, all you have to do is take a single shot at them, immediately warp back to a station, wait for 3 minutes, warp back to that same belt, and they will be gone.

:red_circle: That is not entirely true. There have been instances where Drifters apparently attacked NPC Miners.

The OP’s screenshot includes normal, old NPC, which are completely oblivious to anything around them. I wonder if Triglavians would be attacked by NPC Miners.


No. Quit whining.

Isnt it canon that the npc corps pay the rats to protecc their ops?
Remembering that I have read something like this.

That is the kind of interaction I want to see between NPC corps/factions. I want to see the NPCs treating each other the same way they treat the players. If the Amarr corps don’t like the Minmatar corps then they should be shooting their mining ships. If the Trigs or Drifters don’t like anyone then they should be shooting everyone.

I want the galaxy to feel like it is alive around me, not just there to serve as a backdrop for my playtime.


:red_circle: And this would exactly be the kind of NPC interaction that players wanted to see. Not mining fleets in every belt stripping the meager ores from them.

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