High sec should be.. more safe

Because this is a video game where piracy and being a criminal is intended gameplay?

Why does the Damsel keep making the same mistake? Or Sansha keep trying to take over New Eden every couple days like clockwork but lose every time? Because it is a game.

The game is built so there are consequences for criminal activity, not to prevent it. Preventing it is as easy and can be done in a single line of code, by why would you ever want to?

You are suppose to be at risk to other players. It is these interactions with the other players that create those famous “magic moments” that get people hooked on the game. It’s not a game, or at least a very compelling one if you can’t ever lose.

Interestingly, CCP has spent many years making Eve safer and ‘un-loseable’ and now we seem to be entering an existential crisis where players (the ones that are left anyway) both are complaining about stagnation and boredom, yet are so addicted to safety and averse to risk to accept change. Some of that conflict is from two sets of players looking for different things from a game, but we only got here because a significant group of people, including at CCP, were seduced by the idea making things safer and easy would drive growth and activity, instead of poisoning it as anyone looking from the outside would predict.

Maybe it did for a bit, but the game is straining now under all this wealth and safety. I do sympathize with the hypothetical newbro who gets ganked that everyone invokes in these threads to argue for more safety for themselves, but it doesn’t help them to make your stuff safer. It just pushes them even further behind you as you gather power.

The power-gap is so large now, only radical change can restore some element of meaning to our actions and get new blood competing and staying. I don’t know how that would work for Eve, or if it even can at this point, but I do know making highsec even safer is just going benefit veterans over the new player, the last thing we need right now.


Dude, what do you expect from a game that’s based around piracy and booty? Go play minecraft. If you can get over the green sucker blowing your precious sandcastle. Maybe there should be police as well?


It already is a lot higher. You reach -5 where you are free to be engaged by anyone and hunted down by the faction police in no time.

That’s already how it is.

So can we consider this fixed and you can stop crying?


I dunno. I got ganked between Dixie and Jita a month or two ago, wasn’t autpiloting, someone just figured out I was worth popping and did me. Meh. In Eve, you die. I figure it keeps you on your toes.

I’d like to see a more robust way to sell kill rights, though. as is, the ganker sees you put the right up for sale, launches an alt, gets blown up, kill right gone. That’s seriously dorky.


I will copy this post here.

Shooting somebody in Hi-sec should give you long suspect flag on top of short criminal flag. Like 24 hours suspect flag, or something more advanced, 1-2 hours more on next timer for every criminal act, capped at week, for example. You want PvP you get PvP.

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I agree the penalties for player killing need to be higher. I personally have pulled off 38 solo kills before I had to worry about security standing. Player killers have none of the risk and all the reward!

The attacker picks the time, the place, and with how large of force to use. The defender gets to pick their route and what they carry.

For the increased taxes that Empire space is now charging it is time to up the penalties or decrease concord response time.

I personally would like to see CCP aka concord start slapping around the high sec criminals. Start removing characters high sec when they hit X security standing or removing docking rights or removing the abllity to do missions in high sec or remove the ability to use star gates.

The players are what is holding this game back, while CCP has and will continue to make stupid changes at least they roll them back or remove them but the players just keep hurting the game.


This is how highsec nerfs worked for years:

  • Carebears: Waaaahaahaaa, ganking is to easy!! CCP nerf!!
  • CCP: We hear you citizen! swings nerfbat
  • Gankers adapt
  • Carebears: Waaaahahaha, ganking is still too easy!!!
  • CCP: Okeydoke! netfbat ult triggered!!
  • Gankers adapt
  • Carebears: Waaaahaahaaa, they are still ganking! Too easy!! Toooo easyyy!!!
  • CCP: Hmm Ooook! waves netfbat a little
  • Gankers adapt
  • Carebears: Waaaahaahaaa, they still ganking my 4bil ISK freighter!! Think of the new players!!!
  • CCP: Oh well, OK.

This could go on forever. It has been pretty clear from the start that when Carebears say “it’s too easy” they mean “it’s possible”.

This is a computer game and it gives you an insane amount of options to go about different activities in this game. We are at a point where it is so incredibly easy to be 99.9% immune to all ganking by simply picking the right hull in most cases. And still we have this threads that demand more safety…

Avoiding opsticles like pirates is part of the game. If you are unwilling to figure out a strategy how to do that you can as well simply ask on the forums.

If this thread was titled “how to avoid gankers on the Jita undock” we could just have told you exactly how that is done reliably and you had learned something that gives you now an edge over the other crybabies.


I have no problem making HS 100% safe…

…as long as you remove the ability to earn ISK in HS…


I have absolutely a problem with that, as it would remove a unique kind of gameplay I enjoy and you find in no other game.

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…but of course they also wouldn’t go for my suggestion because they don’t JUST want to fly in total safety, they want to earn ISK in total safety too…


That’s the whole point - there’s your solution, readily available - make use of it instead of moaning about the necessity for it.


Why shouldn’t you have to ? It’s the way the game is meant to be played - it’s a combat-based MMPORG, not ‘sims in space’.


But he has to pay you for it anyway

Actually they do you a very good service.

If you are a high sec player you are wasting your time, null is where the isk and the fun really is. High sec is an infinite pointless grindfest.

Jita is the Nirvana of trolls. Stop wasting your time , I do not even remember the last time I was in Jita.

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Stargates are operated by the Empires. That are dumb enough to let ennemies of the state through :smiley: Same empires that couldn’t fight the Triglavians or the Drifters . Empires cannot win, yet they remain. Let’s just classify them under “Sci-fi empires too stupid to actually exist”. The only reason there are four empires is lore, they are completely incompetent. But have nothing to worry as their stations are indestructable protected by programming.
If they could shut the stargates down, they should allow cynos in hysec that attract CONCORD.
But then again the EVE Online sandbox is designed more leaning to PVP than PVE. Because it’s much cheaper that way.

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How hard is it to use an insta?

The defender also gets to choose the time he moves, where he moves and how much help he has.

You could choose to take your goods else where, you don’t have to take them to a big market (it’s important that you realise you are not entitled to use markets like jita or pass safely through choke points. You CHOSE that route). You could move at quiet times. And you could bring help (webbing escorts are very effective and you just need one guy, not the 20 or so friends the gankers need).

You are just whining that you are being out played here.

Citation needed.

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How do you know, have you tried it?

Just because the people who are good at it make it look easy does not mean it is easy.


While I would like gankers to have more risk in Hi-Sec, with Null sec with so few risks and massive rewards, Hi-sec needs to be a lot safer to balance the facts that the rewards by comparison are pathetic.

Subsequently I think criminals should be unable to enter hi-sec.

  • if you have a criminal timer, you can only enter high sec in your pod, concord will immediately blow up anything else.
  • If you have a low security rating faction police will catch you and blow you up if you stop moving for more than a few seconds.
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Or you could just get a mining permit and comply with the Code. You can do this today already and you don’t have to wait for CCP to make it possible for you to play in 100% safety. Deal?