Kamakaze weapons

I was curious if anyone had ever suggested a way to add kamakaze type weapons into the game…general idea is that you could fit explosives into as many different slots as you wanted to, so various sizes for low med high slots, and then have a detonator, triggered by the player, or proximity to the enemy, the damage should be high, with a speed delay to the bomber, the counter would be some sort of bomb detection device and to shoot them before they reach damage range/blast radius, damage to anything within range friend or foe. would be a viable strat for relatively low skilled players who will only have to target and click detonate, would add a dynamic to formations, fights, and generally all around create more chaos.

Destroyers are already basically used this way in highsec for ganking purposes.

I am all for giving more power to the newbro, but I’m a bit skeptical of turning them into an exploitable missile, more or less. Newbies have the least disposable income and are least able to take advantage of a sacrificial asset.

In any case, such a tactic would be a ganking buff if it can outclass a Catalyst’s DPS in 1.0 before CONCORD can arrive. You’re not going to be able to intercept the bomber without being CONCORDed yourself, and the loss of the kamikaze ship is moot since CONCORD would have destroyed it anyway. Highsec piracy could probably use a buff of some kind, but this particular one would cause a lot of ugly controversy.

I suppose you could ban this in high security space, but if you did I don’t see people in low or null wanting to adopt the strategy over a more sustainable fleet composition.

The best thing for a low skill player to do is, probably, to practice their skills.

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Pretty much this, and disco-battleships can already act like a suicide weapon OP described. Being in a bait ship is also kind of a kamikaze job.

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