Bomb ship reign of terrorist?

An idea like that but in human history we always having terrorist and why no put that on eve ?

create different size of ship who can just explode and do damage arround them ??

I know we have smartbomb and bomber but why not do some cruiser, battlecruiser or battleship.

One time these ship are on the grid they can self destruct and do a big area of damage and with enough of them why not killing capital, super capital or titan ship ?

Probably do not permit those ship to self destruct in ls//hs maybe a good idea :slight_smile:

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I love this guy. Bring back the mine. Soulkayn 2020!

Already exists

In High-sec: Suicide Ganking
In Low-sec: DPS-Gank Destroyer
In null-sec: Stealth Bomber

Oh wait… you want a ship that can cause lethal damage to multiple ships at the same time with minimal proportionate sacrifice?

Really think about your idea.
In the real world, the major constraint behind suicide bombing is… well… the suicide part. Specifically the permanent nature of it. And finding people who are okay with that.
There is no such restriction in a game.


As mentioned above, you’re just reinventing the wheel.

It’s the exact same gameplay as getting a bunch of ships fitted with smartbombs and warping/cyno’ing them onto a target.

Well not really a minimal sacrifice i just say a idea after we need to see what can this ship can be.

we can think about a battleship who do a area effect on X km around him and this area destroy it.

But in the same time the module for do this aoe may have a timer of one minute before the area effect, this module can’t be fit on normal battleship but on one who do for that.

this battleship may not take the jump bridge of titan , having a large signature radius like a freighter and the same speed align and mass of a freighter

But with enough of these ship in a super, titan bloob you can kill them :slight_smile:

So what happens when people decide to use such ships around high-sec? Specifically trade hubs?

Timing can be worked around. Numbers can too. Because it is a game. And in games, people have friends. Or alt accounts. And they have all the time in the world.

At least with current suicide ganking, one ship can reasonably apply damage to one ship at a time. Or multiple ships apply damage to one ship at a time (increasing the cost of the act).

Hard “no” to this idea.

Or you could, you know, get your own “super, titan bloob”, join a corp maybe that has them?

@Salt_Foambreaker not my type of game sry small gank much more funny to play :slight_smile:

That’s a fine excuse, but then don’t come here asking for an advantage.

Not sure if this is a troll of whether I should be afraid of this guy lol

I love how shallow your idea of a terrorist is.

Terrorism is and always has been a major part of the game without an easily exploitable gimmick

Im pretty sure you can fit smartbombs onto cruisers, battlecruisers and battleships too.

And if you get enough Smartbombing Battleships, smartbombing long enough, they could kill a titan or capital ship.

@Solonius_Rex nice troll :blush:

@Salt_Foambreaker Well that’s just that can give a new way of fighting but in another way i took that big fleet these last day with this type of bloob ship it’s nice we kill a useless azbel worth 10B but we was unable to have any fight because just too many super//titan.

Is just we can just build more capital than the opponent but in this game if you’r not sure win you don’t engage … that’s why i say have more counter measure for fight this type of fleet and not just bring more capital than your opponent can be more funny

that’s my opinion but when you have so many big ship on the field actually is just boring and don’t give fun to anyone … because just bash and no fight

Because vs this type of fleet what can you do ? bring more capital ? don’t see any other way and with the price of these ship most of the ally will not take this risk

Not trolling.

You literally said “We have smartbombs but why not do some cruisers, battlecruisers or battleships”.

Yeah, smartbombs exist on cruisers, battlecrusiers and battleships.

Have you ever heard of something called a Large Smartbomb?

@solonius It’s a little hard for me to write english well it’s not my born language :slight_smile:

But yes i know those nice item often use arround crielière :stuck_out_tongue:

But you cannot kill a super or titan with that xD the fleet of smartie will kill hersefl before ^^

And that don’t change my ask what counter measure can you use vs big sup//titan fleet other than sup//titan? fleet ?

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