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Hello! I had trouble locating a suggestion box, so I don’t know if there is one. I have played a lot of other Space themed games and a large number of them have the option for deployable mines that can be strategically placed for various reasons. I feel that they would greatly enhance Eve for Null Sec and Wormhole/J Space. The game already has bombs of different damage types that can be launched, my thoughts are to make a deployable one that has to be activated/deactivated (similar to the mobile warp disruptors with a one to two minute timer) that can be placed in Null sec and Wormhole Regions. In my head it would also make sense to have a restriction of how close they can be to structures and gates. Another thought that crossed my mind was to have them be susceptible to smart bomb, bomb, and defender missiles as the only way for other pilots to remove them. This would also give defender missiles more use in the game. As for detonation It could be similar to the decloaking mechanic where if a ship, fighter, or drone passes within 2000m it would detonate similarly to a bomb.

Just some thoughts I had that I wanted to pass on for public discussion. Cheers! -Joe


Hi, welcome. I think the game already had them at one stage long before my time and without digging up the info perhaps others could comment.

Good idea though +1

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i have my mine bpo at 10/20 would you like some bpc from them :slight_smile:

they were in game but removed as they caused a concord response, so you dropped them in null or low or whatever and a few days later you were missioning in highsec and one of the mines got activated in lowsec, then concord jumped al over you :slight_smile: thats my memory of mines. they should really be brought back as i cant imagine how deployable explosive devices could be spammed or exploited by the players of EVE online.

bring mines back \o/


I was wondering if they were a thing in the past. I wonder if deploying them and automatically putting it in the name of a corp would prevent the concord issue. Make it kind of like structure damage when you don’t use fighters. Yeah, no players would ever exploit or spam that haha :slight_smile: (I think that would be part of the fun, make more obstacles/variety).

Most topics have their own sub-forum section, take some time to look and you’ll most likely find it.

Anyway, yes there is a forum section for suggestions, it’s located in this sub-forum:

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Anchorable nanite ‘healing’ mines or launchable bombs could also be an interesting addition and potentially useable in high sec–however neutral assistance restrictions could be funky.

Maybe on the dumb side are ‘holographic’ money bombs that you launch at people to deposit ISK or PLEX into their accounts. Probably cause a server blade to melt.

Yeah, they were before my time, but I giggle just thinking about all the mayhem that they can cause. I say bring them back.

No P2W

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