Exploding seeds, eve needs sneeky traps like this

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There used to be mines you could leave around, I’ve heard. They had to remove them from the game because people weren’t using them for the tactical or strategic purposes intended. They were just leaving them around gate to blow up random passersby.

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Indeed. by the time i joined EVE. The mines where a thing of the past, the reason stated then where they really lagged the game. You jumped in and the grid was clutterd with mines, basically bringing things to a halt…

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Maybe they should re-introduce mines but give them some different mechanics.

What if we actually had mine ships that pooped mines as they fly by and the mines only last like 1 minute base, 2 minutes tops with lvl 5 skill + mine modules ?

That way they wouldn’t lag out the server because they wouldn’t last long enough to do so and we would have some extra interesting battle tactics.

It has been suggested, even timers on mines have been suggested. But CCP seems to want the mines buried and forgotten. Atleast they have never said they wanted to bring them back in some way or another…

Well that is a bummer.

Indeed, perhaps if someone where to bring CCP a spreadsheet of how to implement mines. Then they would consider bringing them back in some form. I mean think of the skins you could sell for mines, even pumpkin skins for halloween.

Yeah, and they could have different effects too. Like mines that drain your cap, that slow you down for 10 secs, dot, etc.

I heard that if a mine went off in lowsec while you were in highsec you got a criminal flag and the cops would blow up your ship. Though I have never personally seen it happen.

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