Bring back mines!

When I first started playing EVE during beta, they had just phased out mines that could be anchored.
In my humble opinion this would be a good thing, a Stuka Fleet may be less inclined to swarm a target if they are not sure if the mines might be in their path. The mechanics would be for who laid the mines, everyone in the corp/alliance could see, but if you are a neut/red you would not see them until you are 1k away. Cloaked ships would not be able to see them period!


So you want to bring back mines to augment afk gameplay.


I mean. Drag bubbles with mines anchored on the catch point would become cancerous pretty fast


Also pretty sure they were removed because the mechanics for dealing with them were wonky. If I recall, you could have deployed mines, and gone to high sec. While in high sec, someone hits a mine, and now you are concorded. Dont quote me on that, I’m not 100% sure that was the case.


I loved the Mines. Anaconda was the one I used the most. However, we did mine high sec gates and CCP lost their rag over it so that’s why it was banned. I had Mines in my inventory for years afterwards. you could buy, sell or trade them but not use them lol

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Allow dropping of a can with a grenade in it.

Add extra effort for camo boobytrap that when scanned reveals random choice loots. But really it has a tripmine in it.


It is always a good thing to have a hobby, must piss you off that your opinion is no more important than mine or any others.:sunglasses:


Just like how it works in real life, where if your country laid the mine, it doesn’t blow your legs off when you step on it or if you shoot a ship carrying naval mines right in their magazine, the damaged ordnance doesn’t blow the ship to kingdom come . . . smart mines, right? Like how there are smart knives and smart bullets and smart bombs, and even smart chemical nerve agents. Safety first!

I’d prefer dumb mines, so dumb that they explode when they are in a ship’s cargohold.

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Well played Sir ! :clap:

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Tech II Rage Mines

Extremely volatile
Prone to explode at slightest provication
Engagement Radius: Local
Does not function in Null
Immune to Logicbombs
Detonation trigger by codephrase: Calm Down Mine

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You know what? I’d support mines with a few tweaks to keep them from being cancer. Then I’d convert carriers (which are redundant baby supers) into minelayers, able to (only) launch a new class of fighter that deploys mines.

  • Minelayers would be loaded with current in-game bombs
  • Any kind of bomb could be used and any damage would go straight to hull against a capital ship
  • Mines would arm in 45 seconds, run out of power after 5m, and seek any valid target within 1km, at the speed bombs presently move when launched from bombers
  • Minelayers could have up to 10 mines active at a time
  • Mines are engagable, so you can destroy them, either with direct or indirect fire (smartbombs, PD, guns, other bombs, etc).
  • Mines, when detonated, will destroy other mines within blast radius exactly the same as bombs do now

Concept, of course, is active area denial. The 5 minute shelf life means that they won’t end up in AFK bubbles. Not usable within 20km of a gate or WH.

Takes the carrier, intended as an anti-subcap platform, and gives it a completely different playstyle from a supercarrier.


This is interesting, and includes important limits that were missing in the original mines; one of the other problems was lag-inducing mine-spam.

Current carriers ‘spam’ three objects when fighters are launched, so I’m not sure CCP would like increasing that number, in large fleet fights.

It’s no different than running bomber wings during large fights. The TiDi always spikes up to max (if it wasn’t already pinned) when the squad decloaks and launches their bombs into the 250 man fleet.

Coupled with the lower overall drain from the fewer number of fighters, I don’t think the impact would be all that serious.

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