Space mine Ships

time to bring back space mines to use in null and have a ship that gets bonuses for space mines, but have a mechanic function that let’s you control mines based on radius ranged control, can hit dentonate, or set it to dentonate if bumped, or set it to passive, then have anchoring timers for 4 hour anchoring before they disappear

Bro if you think people cry about ganking :smiley:

Mines were removed for a reason. They aren’t coming back…

They were removed because they caused their owners to get concorded in highsec.

I’m pro returning space mines, however perhaps we could consider other alternatives to space mines then raw DPS.

graphically speaking the server could handle something like fireworks so perhaps using that graphic animation just for show, but the space mine depending on type could possible be used to inflict status effects on players ships.

i used to watch chemistry videos on youtube for people creating storms in glass bottles because i think that stuff is cool, so why not apply a weather effect to the players ship for X number of time, making weather effects a bit more present, not just a case of within the system but weaponised could carry over and become a real hinderance especially in the right circumstance.

hell with the new graphics update you could just have them as giant floating paintballs and have space paint and muck cover the ship, (possibly as a way of preventing people from tethering till you get the paint cleared off)

Honestly, that would be more cancer, balance wise, than pure damage. Webifying mines in conjunction with warp bubbles would just encourage people to do more gate camping.

this is why I suggested using effects of space weather, i don’t actually recall suggesting web or scram, however we could just simply remove web and scram effects from the list of effects (a space mine black list if you will) and inflict only the negatives from space weather, I don’t know all of them but i’m pretty sure none of them scam or web whole systems.

minor weapon penalties and such things for short periods of time, theres substancially more to this game then web scam and neut.

besides why would you want space mines which scram and web when we already have interdiction stuff for that?

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