Space mines 2.0

hi all, was just bouncing some ideas around and had a thought about space mines, people tell me we used to have space mines, many people say they miss them and want them back, however they take up a lot of server processing or something which i assume is due to some kind of structure spam combined with animations and AOE.

so what if we revamp what we think of as space mines and could lower the requirements.

my proposal for the new space mine is that it is a capacitor drain effect. similar to the C.R.A.B. Beacons for capitals in nullsec, when anchored drain the whole capactior, in this case though, when the mine is triggered, it drains the whole capacitor of the ship/s within that range.

it could be possible that they have multiple charges per mine before they poof out of existence but i’ll leave that to better minds than my self for the purposes of balance.

but I can envision a very simple command burst animation and reduce capacitor to zero.

maybe the T2 versions of the mines could be cloaked, so you could end up next to one, get your cap drained helping, it wouldn’t be like normal snaring but more of a direct sweep the leg.

TLDR: make new space mines which cap drain instead of dealing high DPS

Sounds like you just need void bombs… or a bhall.

Who? Who says the miss them? Very few people still activity play that were around before they were removed and i don’t know a single person who missed them.

So you talk to people who miss them but not long enough to find out how they worked? Why do you think structure spam had anything to do with it?

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I certainly don’t miss them. I really don’t need the server to perform even worse than it already does. I cannot even take gates with a medium-sized fleet without TC, tidi or lag, or undock without the game crapping itself for half a minute.

For the server calculations, it’s completely irrelevant if you deal damage or drain cap. It’s the same thing, as the server needs to calculate several things in many locations on many targets all at once. Right now, it can’t even handle medium fleet engagements without issues. Mines would not make anything better.

if you removed any visual animation, and added a status effect on the ship like how you get for scram and web, wouldn’t it cause less than the normal mines which had, audio, animation and the calculations?

to limit the calculations you could impose a limit of max number of capsuleers effected, each mine perhaps effects up to 5 ships instead of simply “all in range”

Seems ot me if we have to put all these restrictions in place, it maybe isnt a viable idea…

seems to me the idea isn’t viable without restrictions, would be much more managable too, if we had a game without restrictions why can’t we put keepstars directly onto of gates, why just one capsuleer to a ship, why not fire all weapons every 0.00001 second?

It still needs to calculate damage or cap drain and push those values to all clients. It doesn’t matter if there’s no graphics or audio, especially since those things are only done client-side and not server-side.

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