Bring back mine

with the current possibility, why not bring back the mine on the game and just say these thing can’t be launch in HS and LS ?

Better possibility for doing trap or funny fight in small gank :slight_smile:

Bring back the mine! Soulkayn for CSM!

For the same reason they were abandoned when they were, offline killmail farming.

It goes like this:

Mine this gate in null and log off. Do your chores, job, school, uni or whatever and come back later.
Check your killboard. Show all your pre-school buddies how many kills you got while being offline.


Also issues with the aggression tracking system. Deploy a mine in nullsec, forget about it while you make a trip to Jita, and then suddenly CONCORD kills you because your mine went off. Mines were way more trouble than they were worth.


@elitatwo well it’s nullsec (security null) so i don’t really see the problem personnaly ? nullsec actually it’s probably the most safe space of the game for a lot of reason …

@Merin_Ryskin when you shoot someone in nullsec you do not become suspect you can stay green in your security statut, but in another way if you do that just don’t go in high security space

Easily avoided. If you log off, your mines detonates or deactivate

Nice troll dude :slight_smile: They were shelved for a reason

Yes, that’s how it’s supposed to work. What I’m trying to explain to you is that the system didn’t work. The mine would go off while you’re in highsec, the server would register an “aggressive action”, and because the player was located in highsec CONCORD would be triggered even though the aggressive action happened outside of highsec.

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Im all for this idea.

Deploy a mine. Then it explodes in your face because it activates a second after you launch it, and since your ship is in the trigger vicinity, it blows up.

Plus the mine has a size of 1000 M3 each.

This is a great idea.

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@Merin_Ryskin i not sure about that but that was a long time ago maybe now ccp can fix that and if they can’t just put a advert when you launch mine :slight_smile:

Here is the problem:

Back when EVE Online was a spaceship game about conflict and stuff we the people were supposed to be the content creators in the sandbox we used to love.
Meaning you and only you would create your killmails if you went out and created them.

Now since 2017 CCP waited so long for that to happen that they got bored and thought, ‘hey the server can do it much better, muahahahahahahahha’.

And low and behold, we got an “invasion” that creates killmails and the content CCP was waiting for, only undocking is required.

Long story short, make your own killmails and don’t wait for the server to “kill” for you when you are offline.

This is why you have alts :rofl:

Seriously OP,

Fun but no.


Can fix it? Probably. Pretty much anything in software can be done if you’re willing to spend enough time and money on it. Is it worth it? No. Mines lead to boring non-interactive gameplay that would be questionable even if implementing them required minimal development resources.

The answer is almost always yes. More tools is always better, more options in Eve is always the correct choice. Every time CCP tightens reigns we lose fellow players to the win button (unsubscribe)

Sounds like a point in favour of bringing back mines. :slight_smile: Hilarity is good.

It would cease to be funny at some point, early on. By the time it was designed to eliminate all the bad it would be a glorified probe that explodes. A single use drone with system wide range.

:frowning: …yeah, you’re probably right…

What maybe usefull for mine is put them in belt in ns, put them arround citadelle for a fight, create some trap arround some pocket, put them in a bubul near a gate, the number of strategy this thing can bring i really interesting

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