The mining ship rebalance

so first off i’m not going to complain about the pending rework.

however i was just going to throw in a few extra thoughts

  1. can we make them more tanky?
  2. can the mining ships have specific roles for specific materials?

thoughts behind why extra tanky

if you’re going to allow players to have a salted earth option for miners, then miners have a way to fight back against oppressors, it would be nice if they weren’t squishy, this is a good idea so you can fly your mining ship into enemy territory and actually salt the earth, however this would be especially good for new bro highsec players who only just omega’s and get ganked by some douchecanoe in a catalyst.

i figured certain ships for certain roles would just be the way forward, I remember when the mackinaw used to give you an extra ice after each cycle.

i like the idea of taking things back to the idea of “the right tool for the right job”

just some thoughts

I confess i don’t know how the aspect of wastage will work in relation to the new crystals, i just know there will be one, I’ve done my best to read all the information pretained to it, but i wanted to throw this one in on top.

perhaps ships harvesting resources which they’re not intended for have a higher waste probability while equally recieving a lower waste probability for ones which they are.

aka if you’re mining asteroid ore in a ship intended for gas mining, you’re going to produce more waste than if you were gas mining.

That’s not what those crystals are for. They are for null sec anoms

This has always existed.

Proc if your in dangerous space

Ret if you’re solo

Cov if you’re in a fleet.

Also the barges are all already getting more tank so I’m not sure why you’re asking for that.

People are pointing out that the proc got a tank nerf but only the max yield proc got a tank nerf.

The proc lost a bit of shield hp and two mids however it gained a low and had its per level bonus of 4% shield resist go to 6% shield and armor resist.

Bad idea.

Specific barges for specific materials means less player choice.

Example: You’re mining ice? Then you have to use ship X. Gas? Ship Y. Once players have picked a resource they want to mine, your suggestion means they have less freedom to choose a ship.

Good game design allows players many meaningful choices. In the case of mining barges and exhumers CCP designed them well: players have the choice between reward, convenience or survivability. And players are free to pick the ship that suits their situation best.

The Covetor and Retriever received extra mids, allowing you to fit extra tank.

The Procurer lost a mid and the Skiff as well IIRC. However I think the Skiff got a resist buff.

Which ships are you requesting a tank buff on?

I was actually thinking an increase of resistances across the board for mining frigs, barges and exhumers, this way as a base they have a bit more meat to them, I figured rorquals and orca’s are decent enough.

when initally posting I didn’t have the information open in front of me and there is a lot to take in regarding the new update nor the game open to look at base stats for ships, despite reading the information i hadn’t taken much time to compare the too, there is a lot of talk about things getting nerfed so I hold my hand up to mistakes like over sight on extra slots and such.

so I had assumed slots being removed, so i figured bit more meat on the bones for the base ships.

Literally everyone freaking out over the update falls under this.

The only actual nerfs are to command ship mining. Just about everything else was buffed.


yeah i’m glad CCP has done something about the multiboxers and made solo account holders more applicable, so many people hate this update, but I love it


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