Abyssal differences between Singularity and Tranquillity

Running T5’s on test server and completing them very competently. Where as on Tranquillity i am murdered. Is there any differences between test server and live server for abyssals?

Could your skills be higher on Sisi? It’s very easy to farm and inject injectors like crazy (I generate several hundred every 14 days) - your skills might be out of sync. Are you using the same fits (including implants and boosters) and running the same types of abyssals also?

No buddy - if anything my skills on sisi are not as good as tranqu… and wow did ccp change payout for t5’s? Just 4m from the entire dungeon… WTF?

You can’t compare SiSi prices to TQ. Most items on SiSi cost 100 isk.

That’s not sisi prices

Literally all CCP-seeded items cost 100ISK each (eg. PLEX, T2/T3 ships, faction modules, High-Grade implants, drugs, Rorquals, Keepstars, etc) and are provided in MASSIVE quantities. Numerous NPC stations and some Upwell structures owned by CCP are seeded throughout the cluster. Occasionally you will come across player-seeded items; these are most likely orders copied from Tranquility though occasionally they’ll be posted on Singularity directly (like trading injectors). So yeah, estimated value on Sisi is low because prices are low… when Keepstars literally cost 100ISK each, you can’t exactly rely on that metric. Copy-paste onto EVEpraisal instead.

Also: if you want to ensure your skills match up properly so there is no question about skill desyncing, use the /copyskills command.

Like i said this isn’t on sisi I ran 3 dungeons and made 4m total in each run. not even enough to cover the cost of the filament.

Impossible. Have screenshots of the loot?


What I know, Test server and Tranquility is not the same version of the game, so maybe it is just different. Or you had difficult spawns. It may be that the spawns are a bit more difficult on Tranquility.

Yeah, loot prices are low because of market seeding. People buy stuff at 100 isk, which drags down the estimated value. In fact, if you look at the estimated cost of your ship in the fitting window, it should be really low. The only time this wouldn’t be the case is immediately after a mirror.

Also, it’s possible that they have changed the mechanics on sisi, but it’s also quite likely that you hit only easy spawns on sisi, and got hard spawns on TQ. Might want to try doing more runs on sisi.

For the last time this isn’t on sisi, I ran several T5’s yesterday and got 4m total from them.

So you are saying you ran several T5’s on the live server? I think you said that part in your head but since you didn’t type it, easily misunderstood.

lol. I should have read closer. Anyway, I’m not sure what’s going on then. Some of the value will be tied up in BPC’s (0 estimated value), but that still wouldn’t explain the discrepancy. Um perhaps you can share screenshots of the loot. Might help us figure out what’s going on.

How many and which cans did you loot in each site?

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