Test server market $$$$


[Jun 24, 2021, 2:26 ](calendar:T7:Jun 24, 2021, 2:26 )UTC

Most if not nearly all items on singularity are 100 isk. I am looking at the citadels. wanting to learn more about them… why is the core to power it up set at tranquility isk cost? IE. Trillions of isk? can’t it be set at 100 isk like all of the other items? I can buy a citadel for 100 isk… and deploy it… but that is it… can’t bring it on line. …

Well, you can try things like insurance fraud and selling to standing buy orders in order to raise isk, but that’s probably easier when the mirror has been recent.

Anyway, it does seem like oversight about not seeding cores for 100 isk, but I don’t know if they’ll care enough to fix it.

its intended change to prevent abuse


If the core is so cheap you will see keepstar mushrooming everywhere in M-O.
You can always insure your ship to make money. Get yourself a dread cookie clicking self-destruct for half an hour and you will have sufficient isk.

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