Clone status not updated on SISI since 1 month

Hi !

I can’t use correctly the test server because my clone isn’t updated on OMEGA status.
( I resub one month ago )

I can’t use /copyskills and so correctly test ships fitting.

Can you please help me ?
Also, is it possible for you to transfert all super capital ship to the Keepstar to test them ?

Thanks you a lot !

Isn’t plex really cheap on the test server? Maybe you can buy 500 plex and and activate omega on the test server, rather than wait for another mirror.

As mentioned above, clone status doesn’t transfer all the time but you can easily buy 500 plex and upgrade to omega. Should be 100 isk per plex.

As far as transfer supers, no they won’t do that

Ok :slight_smile: thanks for those informations . Plex is a great idea, I will do it !
Fly Safe .

EDIT : Just try it now , and no : ( No plex for sale at 100 isk . My only solution is to wait … ?

Not every station is seeded with 100isk items- you’ll probably have to move a few systems. The /moveme command can be useful too.

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