Create a new character on Sisi ; /copyskills works?

my question is in the title. I have only 1 charcter in TQ and the mirrored-one in sisi. But I want to create a new character on sisi to test capitals ships. But it would be very annoying to grind all the previous and basic skills to fully jumping into capitals. So does /copyskills works for my new character on sisi even if that character doesn’t exist on TQ ?
Thx for your help.

I have never tested this, but the answer is probably not - the character ID in the database will not be the same between TQ and Sisi, even if the name is the same, and as far as I know all functionality is actually driven by character ID and not character name. Only a character imported from TQ via a mirror is going to have proper ID matching.

The solution is to use the basically free skill extractors on Sisi (Plex is 100isk each on the seeded market hubs) to extract everything htat is not a prerequisite for the desired skills, and apply the extracted points toward the capital skills. Wait 2 weeks for /copyskills to be unlocked again, and repeat the process, until you have all the skills allocated as needed.

Or buy extractors from other players on Sisi for Sisi monies/items. It is not permissible for folks to request payment in TQ items/money for Sisi stuff, so don’t fall for that if someone says they’ll give you Sisi extractors for TQ stuff.

what would you be copying skills from? that doesn’t make any sense. there has to be a target on tq to copy from.

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Oh ok I see, thats’ unfortunate. I’lls use the extraction skills method. Thx for your help otherwise

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