Do skills on Singularity save when a Mirror happens?

I know that the whole database gets written over whenever a mirror occurs and it removes current players ships with ones they have in the actual server. I was wondering if the same thing happens with skills when a mirror happens and if there is any way to save or prevent skills from being removed when this mirror occurs?

No. What happens on SiSi is always temporary. It’s a test servers; it’s not mean to actually play on.

R4 is correct. When Sisi get’s it’s database overwritten, your character details are changed to whatever your details are on the main server (Tranquility/TQ) according to the TQ database snapshot. Any skill training you did on Sisi that you did not do on TQ is lost.

To mitigate this, you can participate in the mass tests. Each one awards unallocated skill points and when a mirror is applied, the last few mass test bonuses are again allotted, allowing you to train up skills you want to test immediately.

Those extra skillpoints are not permanent. You earn 2 million unallocated SP for each mass test you take part in (announced in the test server forum), up to a maximum of 10 million unallocated SP, but if you stop participating in the mass tests, you gradually lose those unallocated SP.

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