Schedule for mirrors?


I haven’t been able to find a schedule for when you apply new mirrors to the test server.

Is there a schedule where we can see the next planned mirrors?

Asking because I want to test abyss setups, but my Omega-status has not yet been updated on test server.


mirrors are case by case basis minimum is 3 month but minimum is rarely used,mostly 4-5months is what ccp uses

you can use the skill copy and ship copy commends to update your toons at any time, i forgot what they are exactly but they’re somewhere around on theese forums.

as for the omega status, this happened to me last time as well and I did something to get omega on Sisi once I was logged in. not sure what though. maybe put some plex into a ships cargo then copy ship ? I really forgot but its doable.

FYI, I haven’t been on Sisi for a while, since after abyssal stuff went live to TQ, but when I went abyssal sites were disabled. I don’t know if they still are or aren’t at this time.

/copyships no longer works. /copyskills still works. If youre waiting for a mirror just to be able to log in, youre going to be waiting a while.

M-something with an 8 and 0 in it is the new
combat area with the two Singularity Test
upwell structures with the markets where
everything is 100isk each.
Few other commands for standings and such that I dont remember. Eve Uni will have them all.
Just beware the carrier users who think its funny to sit 300km off warp in and smash everything including frigs. Or the random titan drop on top of cruisers.

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