omega(Tranquillity/Singularity) and copyships form Tranquillity

Same question.

  1. If i have omega on Tranquillity should i have omga on Singularity or not?
  2. does it work comand “/copyships” on test server or not?

If you have Omega on TQ at the time that a mirror is created, you will have Omega on sisi.

The Copyships command was disabled some time ago due to strain on the server

Adn what should i do if i didn’t have omega then mirror have been created?

There’s nothing you can do until they create a new mirror.

So, as i undustend new players or players who didn.t play several times can’t test those idea on test, they have to make test only on tranqulity.
Could u tell then will be next mirror creating?

Until the next mirror, you can test only so far as Alpha will allow. Judging by messages in a mail list, it appears the current mirror was created on 9/13. It will be sometime after the next release before they create a new one. No one knows when that will be.

Just buy some Plex from the market. they cost 100 ISK each and you can use 500 PLEX in the New Eden Store to activate Omega status.

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