Old alpha character on TS instead of current omega


I wanted to test some fits on the test server and logged in a few days ago. My character on the test server however is from 1-2 months ago and more importantly is alpha, unlike my live account which is omega.

How can I update this so I have access to all my “real” skills.


:red_circle: Buy a capital, insure it, self-destruct it, get insurance money, buy PLEX on the seeded market (they cost 100 ISK), PLEX your account, done.


Who knows when to carry on the mirror

Last mirror was June 26 so it’s reasonable to expect another one soon™

Yea probably next week or the following week if CCP keeps to the “3-4 months per mirror” timeline.

One of the devs commented in another thread that they are projecting mid-October for the next mirror, but as always that is not set in stone and may change.

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