When is the next mirror?

to my luck, i just found out about eve about two weeks ago but i couldn’t get started cause i had exams, Now i find out that the last mirror happend 9 days ago… so do any of the devs know when the next mirror is? thanks.

o/ Missanis,

I’m not sure when a new mirror will happen, but what is it that it will help you with?

Your account is missing entirely i guess?

yeah, it won’t let me access the test server, it’s fine i can wait anyway. thanks for the help.

I wouldn’t worry about trying to get on the test server. CCP doesn’t enforce the rules, or are not specific about when the rules apply and when they don’t.

Any new update on a new mirror date?

I came back like 10 days after the last mirror and didn’t remember my passwords so I can’t get on to try out some of the new ■■■■ that I am not sure i want to invest in yet.

Please refresh the mirror with the september update. I would like to use the test server to practice dead skills for master trinexallon. Thanks. @CCP_DeNormalized

? The test server has info from September update. The “mirror” is for the character, assets etc to be mirrored over.

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