When is the next mirror?

(Missanis Itinen) #1

to my luck, i just found out about eve about two weeks ago but i couldn’t get started cause i had exams, Now i find out that the last mirror happend 9 days ago… so do any of the devs know when the next mirror is? thanks.

(CCP DeNormalized) #2

o/ Missanis,

I’m not sure when a new mirror will happen, but what is it that it will help you with?

Your account is missing entirely i guess?

(Missanis Itinen) #3

yeah, it won’t let me access the test server, it’s fine i can wait anyway. thanks for the help.

(Geo Eclipse Oksaras) #4

I wouldn’t worry about trying to get on the test server. CCP doesn’t enforce the rules, or are not specific about when the rules apply and when they don’t.