is this normal or what?
i trained up my char to be able to fly a dread (amarr,caldari) , then a few weeks (?) after my char got reset back to the last mirror?

Mirrors happen every so often.

You trained up to dread on SiSi, right? Or did I misunderstand you.

If I didn’t, you should expect this every so often. It’s far far easier for CCP to remirror the live database to SiSi, than to run updates to bring it up to line. It also gives them a chance to test changes in advance. It’s not perfect, as no-one has an exact mirror of live for test (Even if they have the hardware, they don’t have the usage patterns), but it’s a good stage rehearsal.

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I’ve had the same sort of thing happen to me several times. I’ve trained into something on Sisi that I haven’t trained into on TQ. Sisi gets a new mirror from TQ and that training I did on Sisi is gone.

These days I only use the bonus SP from mass tests on Sisi to skill into something I haven’t trained for on TQ. If a mirror wipes those skills, I can just re-use the mass test bonus SP to retrain, or train into something different.

Sisi exists for CCP to test new things. CCP lets us players use Sisi, but Sisi wasn’t created for us, it was created for CCP. Their requirements come first. They let us use Sisi as a courtesy, but the #1 reason Sisi exists is for CCP’s benefit, not ours.

Think of it as similar to your next door neighbour letting you use the swimming pool in their back yard. It’s fun and convenient to be able to use it, but it’s still their pool, not yours. They get the final say on all decisions about their pool.

btw there was not a mirror. it got set back to the current mirror for example: i was in Amarr with a harbinger when the mirror happend couple days or weeks later it went back to when i was in amarr

There was a double-mirror recently using the same snapshot. This current mirror is the same as the previous mirror, which lasted 12 days.

it was awhile ago

Current mirror has been somewhere over a month.

How long is a while?

i think was 2+ months ago

Probably was the double mirror then. I’d check how long this mirror is, but SISI is currently down.

speaking of that, when do you think sisi will be back up? and why is it down?

It can’t be back up until CCP are actually in work to put it up back, so it won’t be for another 8 hours or so minimum. It’s down because they broke something during a DT, and either clocked out for the day or couldn’t fix it and clocked out for the day.