MY account isn't alfa in Singurality


I want use test server Singularity, but when I’m logging in, it asking me to become alfa account… I’m always alfa anyways… But I tried to buy more time twice, still I cant become an alfa on test server. I want test some of my assets, and I can’t fly cause not alfa…

Im sure you mean Omega, Alpha is restricted.

Sorry, yes, Omega, my bad.

If you are an Omega, you can have access to the test server.

However, when you login to SiSi, you’ll login as an Alpha.

Just buy 500 PLEX (at 100 ISK each) off the market and then upgrade to Omega.

Ok, I need to try this. Also I’m in low sec station, and not in corp. If I leave this station, I wont able to come back? But in main server I’m still in my corp.

SiSI is a completely separate server environment to Tranquility. Whatever you do there will not affect anything on the main servers.

Yes, I know this. What I’m asking will be able to come back to the same Keepstar without corp in test server? Cause keepstar on test server still shows as my Alliance .

Cause now I’m in NPC corp, docked in Allience keepstar, to get plex, I need undock and fly somewhere else to get plex, so shall I dock back with npc corp to private Allience keepstar in test server?

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