Omega to Alpha

Clone status changed on my Omega clone to Alpha clone on singularity by CCP , I will not pay

Buy PLEX off the market and get back to omega. Problem solved.


Plex are seeded on the market for 100isk per unit, stop being lazy and buy them lol


Uh yeah that’s what happens when you don’t pay.

Singularity is the test server, i think you misread the server name in his post :stuck_out_tongue:

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True I guess…or he typed wrong server? If he didn’t then I don’t get his point?

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That just means you were alpha clone at the date they last copied the pilot database for sisi. Or your subscription date expired.
As people have said just buy plex on the market and subscribe that way

No he typed the right server, i think he assumed that clone status applied to both servers automatically, but on SISI they seeded plex on the market for 100isk a unit so people can just activate omega if they need to

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