Why did my skill queue pause by itself?

Hello forum :smiley:
So I leave home for 10 days and I log in today to find my skill queue was paused and last skill to finish was 9 days ago​:neutral_face::skull: I figure I lost a few day’s worth of training.
I was given some Omega time by GM-Arbor last week. Could that be related?

Fifie is dumbfounded.

We need further information: Have you been Omega all the time? Do you have different chars in that account? Did you use MCT?
I’ve never had problems after repurchasing omega time.

@Pierre_de_Bricassart :grinning: I was in Alpha. The Omega time was gifted by GM_Arbor. I have no orher account or alts, I don’t use MCT.
I’ve figured that the Omega time given is still on-going. I don’t know exactly when it was applied to my account but the last email from GM was 28 feb.

Maybe when the Omega time was applied it paused my queue?

Fifie inquires

Well, then your skilling speed doubled, so if you thought a skill takes 10 days, it was already finished after 5 days.
But of course it is also possible that there was an incident when setting to omega that stopped your skill queue.

Thank you.

Not sure how it all works but I think that’s what happened.

Fifie assumes

if your omega ran out as you where training an omega skill it would pause

As far as I remember, when I’ve set an Alpha char to omega, the skill queue just continues. But usually I chose different skills which are omega only soon after purchase, so I never did that when I was off for days.

My account is still on omega, that’s why I think it must have paused when omega was activated.

I didn’t purchase the omega time, it was gifted out of a ticket I sent in earlier about missing Alpha Injectors.

Fifie & Data

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