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I played a little EVE Echos before and they have a good idea about omega game time…

Unlike here, they have different omega states, like basic and normal. The basic omega is that you are allowed to use advanced ships, modules and skills, but still have 5m SP limit and no training speed boost. It’s about 190-200 PLEX in NES and that can give new players a easier way to enjoy EVE and keep playing it. It do work well in EVE Echos then why can’t it work here? We newbies will be pleased to pay about 5$ or 600m ISK to earn it…Is there anything bad about this advice? Or can you guys improve it?

Firstly, it’s not called “basic omega” it’s called Alpha, and it’s free, as you say up to 5million skillpoints but with a restricted skillset you can choose from.

Secondly, It will cost you about 1.7Billion Isk to Omega (idk the exact prices, they change and I’ve not checked lately).

Thirdly, give it a try for a month and see if you like it, if not, or you don’t play much as to gain the full benefits of Omega, then you can just let your account lapse back to Alpha.

Here is another idea to consider.
Have 2 permanent omega accounts but only pay for 1 omega account. So just pay the $12 a month for Omega time for one of the two accounts.

At the end of each month you just extract 1million SP from each character and sell the resulting skill injectors, the total profit should just about cover the cost of PLEXing the 2nd omega account.
I usually have a slight shortfall but nothing serious.

The drawback is that you only get to keep maybe 50% of the skillpoints you earn in a month on both omega accounts.

I just set the skills I actually want to train for the first half of the month, and then just set a long skill like Gallente carrier for the second half of the month, then extract the points from the Gallete carrier skill

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He was talking about the EVE: Echoes clone state model not EVE: Online’s (though no personal experience with it as I never played Echoes).

Ah sorry. I may have misunderstood the OP. Apologies, if that was the case. Does EVE:Echoes not have it’s own forum?

His OP is asking if implementing the EVE: Echoes two types omega clone state in EVE: Online would be viable. So it is an EVE-O related thread.

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