Alpha vs Omega

Just realized there is no need to play omega… not worth it… 40 bucks, give or take, vs 500 Plex vs spent time playing the game… simply not worth it…

sticking to alpha…

no real benefit as I can rat in a cheap vexor, pvp as a crappy little tackle boat and still have fun…

Omega is nothing more then option to die in something fancy :negative_squared_cross_mark:


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Alphas can’t cloak and can’t multi-box, so that’s no-brainer for my play style.

It’s not just ships. I am Omega, but I also have an Alpha account that I log into and notice entire swathes of skills menu options unavailable. My Alpha can rat in a pretty good Gnosis…though even that does not have ( and cannot have ) the same level of DPS or EHP or range, etc that an equivalent ship has in Omega.

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Im a poor in real life so Ill pretend to be rich by just keeping the isk rather than PLEXing it away#alphalife

Cool story bro :smiley:

I’m actually more in favor of them restricting alphas even more :smiley:


If you can live with the limitations, sure, continue as alpha.

When you feel it’s time to go omega and explore the remaining 90% of the game take a subscription.

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What is it Im supposed to be missing?

i’m the alpha and the omega the beginning and the end
■■■■ i need my pills

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No idea what that is, sorry, I cant make it out on my phone

Long and short of it is I went Alpha thanks to the price increase and Im still doing the things I did as Omega except without losing isk on PLEX or risking expenisve ships, so I really dont get the big deal or what Im supposed to be missing out on.

It’s the (well-known, I thought) graphic representation of “what to do in EvE”
and @Mu_ad_Diib is working on an updated, hyperlinked version of it

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Oh with the added suggestions I made that @ISD_Golem decided to delete without notification I hope.

Basically I doubt theres anything on there that an Alpha cant do without hyperbole or at least be involved in.

I’ll put the kettle on and serve you a good cup of whatever you like :slight_smile: with cookies !!

(personally I wouldn’t miss my cloak for anything, bar further price increases of course, but that depends on what each individual loves doing)

Ill guess a lot of things on there are in Null though, which would explain a lot of why I know nothing about them.

Whether it is worth or not depends on what you want to do and whether alpha can do it at all I guess. I find alpha enough although I would go omega right away, as the benefits are just too big, if only I saw CCP to do at least something right. Till then I stay alpha.

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The Amarr approve of this message

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EvE was better BEFORE all the Alpha Free Crap…

That said - I’ll take a free week of Sub on an alt but NOT TO SELL…

The wise monkey will use that free week to BUY…

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