Getting omega, what should i do?

i am getting omega, and wondering what to do with it. i am only getting a month so i wanna make the most of it :smiley:

you can use it to speed up skills that you have in your queue that you’ll use as an alpha.
if you are going to be omega for just a month, thats really about it. fill up your queue with alpha skills that you plan on using, then just flip to omega and let the 2x speed do the work…

I don’t want to encourage you to do something that will burn you out, but you might consider using it to train for and pursue a career that will allow you to plex your account. Of course, you don’t have to be omega to have fun, and if your income is too low, you definitely won’t be having fun by spending all your time grinding. But, if you can find something with a good isk efficiency that you don’t mind doing, that could keep you omega in perpetuity.

You can find guides for different careers online. But, I personally recommend incursions. They’re relatively easy to get into, have a social aspect for those that enjoy that, have different roles (which keep things fresh for longer), and you can make good money. I don’t know the exact number because it’s gone up thanks to marauder changes. But, you should definitely be able to plex an account for less than 10 hours a month.

WTM is an HQ shield community that runs damn near 24/7.
Eve Rookies Incursions are good EUTZ VG community that runs
USTZ Inc is a USTZ VG community. Unfortunately, I don’t think that they have a website, and I’m too lazy to look up their chat channel name. However, if you are interested in flying with them, let me know, and I’ll get it for you.
There’s also Eve university which is EU and USTZ, and newbro friendly, but they are only open to corp members and alumni.

WTM makes more money, are up most of the time, have more roles to fill, and HQ’s are more challenging sites -which makes them more fun in my opinion. However, they also have the longest wait lists, and have grown less newbro friendly over the years. Vanguard incursion communities, on the other hand, are more chill, more newbro friendly, and, because they’re smaller communities with smaller fleets, the individual contribution of each person is more meaningful.

You might also consider buying PLEX instead and selling it for ISK as it is possible you might get more value out of the same $$$ that way than if you spend that $$$ on omega time. :bulb:

bouncing off what shipwreck said, the corp i’m with United Standings Improvement Agency is more of a service than a corp, We raise standings for other pilots. We often hire Alpha pilots who are able to plex their accounts from the isk they make from us.

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im a fan of exploration, but im also one of the weirdos who actually likes mining. would doing those let me plex my account?

Well, you can definitely do it with exploration, but it also requires more player skill. Thus, it wouldn’t be my first recommendation for a newbro. Of course, by all means, keep doing exploration if you enjoy doing it (and continue to build your player and character skill). But, the threat of PvP makes exploration a relatively high risk, high reward career, which means it will be far from a safe bet for a newbro.

A possibly better option might be abyssals. Many exploration fans also like abyssals, there’s significantly less risk from PvP*, and there are an absolute butt ton of guides out there on the content (like this one). On the other hand, some people find the random nature of the content to be frustrating (it’s not an issue for those that practice proper risk management), and you’re less likely to survive disconnects in the abysss, than you would with most other content. Thus, it’s not recommended for those on less stable internet connections.

As for mining, well, you can plex your account with mining, but you’re going to have to be a high end miner if you want to have any hope of doing it for less than eighty hours (or whatever) a month worth of grinding. Like, you’ll not only need good skills and a good fit, but also boosts and access to more valuable ores. So, solo mining belts in HS probably isn’t going to cut the mustard. Ah, I see you’re in horde. Well, in that case, you should talk to other miners in your corp to see what they have to say about the feasibility of plexing through mining, and definitely get in on some fleet mining ops when you can.

Once again, please don’t burn yourself out. And, if you don’t think you’re currently ready to sustain omega, don’t sweat it. You’re going to grow a lot over the coming months. And so, what is likely a major undertaking for you today, will be a much more reasonable goal tomorrow. In fact, I wouldn’t have even suggested plexing to a player as young as you had you not specifically asked about making the most out of a month of omega.

Also, welcome to Eve!


Before you do, get a list of the skills and the levels that an Alpha CAN train and make sure you don’t overtrain in those skills. I have some alphas that I didn’t pay attention to in this respect when they passed through omega.

And level 3 across that “magic 14” set of skills is the most bang for the buck. Then pick a few that bolster what you’re looking to do.

I tend to view alpha as a “trial account”, so now you want to trial a non-trial account for a month?

  • If you like the game, sub
  • if you don’t like the game, don’t play
  • if you’re unsure, stick with the trial account (alpha)
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Oh yeah. And this. If you’re going to do a month of omega, don’t do it until there is a decent event that will give you extra daily stuff (All I car about is skill points and ships, in that order). Unfortunately the current event, Capsuleer Day, is ending. It would have been perfect because the Omega daily rewards had significant skill rewards and some nice ships. I’d say wait it out until a decent event shows up.

Click the “show” link to open the table if it is closed. I assume this is kept up to date.

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