New Pilot, how do i buy my pilot tons of skills?

I want to take my pilot and make him very skilled. Does this involve getting tons of plex and selling for isk and then purchasing skill injections inside the in game market?
Or does this mean there is a way to buy unlimited skill injectors from the game shop and use them in game?

I want to pay to win to get a top skills pilot. So how do I go about doing it?

dont do it
eve is not pay to win
quit now
before is to late


No, go away

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There’s a corp that can help you with that. It’s called Doomheim [666]. You should get in touch.

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Yeah, that’s pretty much it.

Course you’ll also have to buy more PLEX and sell it for isk to buy ships and equipment.

ok… ok…
if you want it so much
you can transfer the isk to me I’m a life coach and i can plan your development
i guarantee win in one week or less

Have there been any estimates to how much it costs to get everything maxed, or perhaps just combat skills maxed?

As far as I know, nobody has recently done that.

However back in 2016 there was a player …

thats it , transfer 28000 injectors to me and i will help skill the sh$t out of you
l33t pvp classes free

If there was every a definition of a “whale”, that’d be it.

Have fun losing your first 20 billion ISK ship in 30 seconds because you don’t know what you are doing…

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I suspect a troll but I’m more than happy to be proven wrong by a glorious loss mail.




I used to play eve along time ago, just very rusty. And i sucked at it.

If you squint really hard it looks like a Phoenix, OP should get that subtle hint and aim for that.

I like this thread and the fine irony of some posts. I like it so much that I lost a bit of my morning coffee while reading the OP. I’m fine now, thanks.
Here’s a bit of advice, and it’s neither the first nor the last time I will feel inclined to share it: I know, I know, grrrrgoons and such, but it really is educational.
Now, if you don’t mind I will return to a state of ROFLMAO. Thank you for this perfect start of the day.

*/sarcasm off


Skill injectors won’t change that.


If you’re sincere about your desire to skill inject your way to victory, you can either use daily alpha injectors from the New Eden Store, which will take a long time and limit you to 20 million skill points, or you can sell the PLEX and purchase large/small Skill Injectors from the player market. I strongly recommend against both options though, since skill points aren’t everything, player skill matters too.

Purchase PLEX from CCP’s store.
Redeem the PLEX in game and sell it on the market.
Use the ISK from the sales to purchase Large Skill Injectors (as many as you can afford).
Then Activate the Large Skill Injectors to acquire the SP.
Apply the unallocated SP to the skills you want.

And that’s about it. Pretty simple.

OP, how are you going to pay to win anything, if your entire net worth is the money you saved from the cash your grandma gave you for your birthdays?

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