Understanding Injectors

So im getting my head around everything thats changed in 5 years, a lot of people are complaining about Pay-To-Win commodities called skill injectors. Well i looked at the market and at almost 900m per injector they seemed to be very restrained in terms of pay to win. I disagree with the concept, but here we are.

My question is this:

  • how much money (ISK) would someone even have to spend to really Pay to win?

Like how much ISK would it be to go from 0 to a carrier or 0 to a HAC with moderate supporting skills?

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Well, I’m not sure about specific skill times, but I remember an article where a guy maxed out one of his characters through the use of skill injectors and it took ~$28,000 to accomplish. Noob to 40+ years worth of skills.


Just because you think your budget couldn’t allow for Paying 2 Win with that many Injectors, doesn’t mean there aren’t whales out there willing and able to pay for it.

Considering how quick and easy it has been for players to start raking in ISK with even a single ratting Carrier or a single mining Rorqual, of course they’re going to Inject their way into one as quickly as possible. Since they’ll turn a profit on the investment within the month if not sooner.

To answer your question… I just threw one of my random market Alts (no skills trained, just parked in a Hub so I can see what’s happening there) into Evemon and tried making a Skill Plan to get Mastery 4 on a Carrier. It would take 782 days of training, or require Injecting 39 Large and 5 Small Injectors. At current Jita prices, that’s about 33 Billion ISK. Which is about 9,167 PLEX worth about $367.

So for $367, you can take a brand new character and get them into a Carrier with all the recommended skills to at least Level 4.

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Used a few hundred injectors, had a 2 year character 104 mill sp and about 3 months of that it had no training queue.

As I 'm just wasting isk now, had a 2 day old character with 18 mill sp. Was thinking of adding another 8 mill.

Doesn’t really matter anymore as I’ll be leaving this game when the sub is up if not before.

P2W? You decide|

I used to spend 200 a week on a mobile game, thinking i was a whale and i was pay to win. it was fun for the first three weeks until i realized i could buy all the things i wanted but i couldn’t use them well if i didnt know how to.

Absolutely the same concept in EvE. Doesn’t matter if your in a carrier or a Rorqual or whatever, if you don’t know how to use it it’ll be a wreck on d-scan soon enough.



IronBank (3 day old character created Feb 2016)
473,344,000 skill points
6,414,527.22 Avg Sp/Hr
2846 injectors
1.8 Trillion ISK spent on injectors and skill books
1,423 PLEX (this was before 2017 PLEX breakup, 1x PLEX then = 500x PLEX now)
Average cost at that time was 21k to 28k cash.


Are there no hookers where you live?



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You wouldn’t win anyway. The biggest ship doesn’t win in EVE. All you would do is lose a super expensive ship and quit.


Buying that pack should make your credit rating go down.


None that won’t give you something that costs more than that to fix

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lol man I got that big time you own me a beer cause its all over my monitor lol


why cant i be all 3?

I play eve because i like the game.
I try and work with people in numerous areas despite having 260m sp but everyone wants to solo for max rewards.
i keep my skills and gameplay up because i like to know what im doing and be good at it.


Because by the power of 3 combined youd be 75% of Captain Planet

Or 100% of Charmed


Then there are EvE players - Those who log in to watch their game die.

They must be, since EvE has been dying since 2003.

–Gadget pours one out for EvE, but has a pallet full to keep pouring indefinitely

Again, for the zillionth time, if people want to spend extra money on the game that should be totally fine and even encouraged.

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Donating to your favourite developer should be fine and encouraged, buying advantages over other players from the developer should not be ok.

But somehow it has become the standard practice in the gaming industry to sell advantages. And that is still not enough, because of their greed we are being told that gambling is fun and ok in video games.

Provided its not player created and controlled strictly and only by the developer of course.

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gard another P2W Thread

The only way to P2W eve is to own a huge Alliance oh I don’t know like Goons, they could do just about anything in eve and have if they so wanted it.

1 person P2W na can’t be done the only time a person can win eve is when they quit.

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