Coming back to game, buy from bizzar or skill injectors

Hay guys, been away from game since 2009 but still got 48 billion isk on my account from selling my main along time ago. I wanna get back into game for PVP and PVE but what is the best way to get back into it. iv been looking at characters on the bazzar and there not catching my fancy apart from 1 and he never responds. also thinking of doing the skill injector way but dont know so much about it. Any ideas?

48 billion ISK will buy you about 55 injectors at current market prices. If you roll a new character you can use 9 injectors at full value ending up with just under 5 million SP. You’ll only get 400K SP from the others, roughly 23 million SP total - about you could expect to train in 15 months the old fashioned way.

Looking through the character bazaar, you should have no problem buying a character with 20 million SP for less than 20 billion ISK - even if the skillset isn’t exactly what you want it’s a much better value than using injectors to build a new character from scratch.

Most characters sold on the bazaar these days are melted down to make injectors and the price people are willing to pay per SP reflects that.

With the capital you have available, I would look at investing around 15-20 billion for a character from the bazaar, 10-15 billion for injectors to plug holes in the skillset and keep the rest as working capital.

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