Alpha Skill Injectors

“It’s very important to note here that this means all the skillpoints available to buy on the market in EVE will have originated on other characters where they were trained at the normal rate.”

  • 2016-01-18 15:10 By Team Size Matters

With the new Daily Alpha Injector, skillpoints are created out of thin air.
[Immediately injects 50,000 skill points into unallocated pool]
[Can be purchased from the NES, directly from, and can be traded on the in-game market]

At this rate, we can expect Character Renaming tokens when? Seems like any of the reasons to disallow it in the past have gone out the window, along with any of the consequences of the game that players were concerned with when skill trading was first discussed.


But but but, there were complications in implementing a system to just increase the training speed. And we promised to get this our precious alpha players so we need to do this! We promise this will be the last time we will go back on what we said. Maybe.

The Omega way:

  1. Use PLEX to go Omega (500 PLEX)
  2. Earn SP for one month (50k SP per day for the sake of argument)

You just used 500 PLEX to create 1.5M SP out of thin air

The Alpha way:

  1. Use Plex for a Daily injector (20 PLEX)
  2. Earn 50k SP for the day

You just used 20 PLEX to create 50k SP out of thin air

The result is the same. I would have preferred they not name them injectors but it is an elegant way to basically create a “1 Day Omega” item without actually being an Omega for one day and all the other issues (1 day cynos, etc) that come with it.

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I’d modify it as,

You just used 500 PLEX and 30 days to create 1.5M SP out of thin air.


You just used 20 PLEX and 1 day to create 50k SP out of thin air.


Another thing to keep in mind is that if a player has 20 in both attributes they are training on then they earn 43,200 SP/day. If they have optimized their attributes via a remap then they can earn 54,000 SP/day. The mid point is 48,600 SP/day.

As for implants here is the daily amount of SP:

  • +1’s => 2,160
  • +2’s => 4,320
  • +3’s => 6,480
  • +4’s => 8,640
  • +5’s => 10,800
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This entire statement was already complete nonsense because of SP farms.

Skill extractors are such a stupid system because it leads to a huge bloat of accounts created without actually preventing the thing it was supposed to prevent (SP out of thin air).

At this point SP injectors with “SP out of thin air” are just the more logical choice, since all Skill extractors do is make the few people that set up dozens of SP farm accounts rich.

There is no SP out of thin air. You pay for all SP from CCP, initially it was a sub now its nin smaller chunks. But you still always had to pay CCP for that SP one way or another. Its ALWAYS been this way.

Please get over the semantic arguments folks.

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