Omega skills

I have a really important question! Since i can’t conduct the tests on my own due to insufficient funds, i ask you omega players to tell me. imagine this scenario: you have purchased omega and trained your character to fly a certain omega ship. now let’s say we cancel the subscription. Can you still fly that ship without paying anymore?

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All skills that require Omega to learn will be deactivated as soon as the account drops to Alpha status.

As soon as you have an Omega account again, the skills are reactivated.


Thank you for the answer it was very helpful!

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I don’t know if you can fly the ship but…it won’t auto kick you out of it lol.

on my unsub account, for now, cyno alt account one char was still in her rapier and didn’t get kicked out of it when I looked it over a few seconds.

I didn’t undock to see if could be used. It was more a check to see what was on the account as I work up plans as I slowly settle back in here from a bit of break.

Weapons and other mods will turn off. that’s been in place for a while that I have seen when I pull ships from a communal hangar for various chars not fully trained.

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You cannot undock if you are in a ship that is omega like T2 ships.


If you are an alpha, can you sit in station in an omega only ship, but can’t undock?

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You will still sit in the ship upon clone status changing you just cant undock

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For example, I am alpha, if I got a Nergal, just because I like how it looks, would I be able to sit in station in it, without ever being omega, or would I have to be omega to sit in station in it?

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Short answer: Nope

Without omega status you can’t have the skill to get in it.

For the original post… No with a situational exception. The exception is if you you are undocked while in that ship. You do stay undocked and in the ship but anything that requires omega skills will be turned off.


Yea you couldnt train the skill to sit in it

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