What happens to my Omega ship, when my accounts become Alpha?

  1. You can not use Omega ship, unless you buy another Omega.

  2. You can use your Omega ship unless you lose it.

  3. You can use it anytime when you finished research in Omega time.

Which one is right?
I’ll buy Omega unless number 1 is fact.

  1. You will not be able to undock in a ship if you dont meet skill requirements. And when you become Alpha - your omega-only skills and skill levels get locked until you re-activate omega status.

Thx very much.
So sad for me but what else?
The law is the law

So pay your sub…

when you run out of time and if you’re out and space you can still fly the spaceship tell you dock but you can’t use any modules on its there’s no point of flying around in space with it so you should dock as soon as possible cuz you’re practically defenseless if you’re flying something like a capital ship do not log in till you can pay

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