What happens to your omega ship if you are flying it when you run out of omega time?

Does the game force you to leave the ship? What happens to the ship?

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Nope, not during flying but at the next dock in a station you will notice the changes.


Great question! It seems it has been answered and IMHO this question should be in a proper FAQ!

I am an omega clone, but when I left eve there was no alpha or omega clone states. Every account was a paid account and you had to have an clone which held all of your skill-points or else if you were pod killed in a clone which did not save all of your SP, you would lose a % of those skills - so for older players returning to the game this information would certainly be helpful!



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So I get to keep my ship so long as I don’t dock? Cool!

You may not be able to use some modules after you encounter a “session change” (see: log off or change systems).

So don’t think you can be in a pimped out ship, let the sub lapse, and stay wormhole space without a problem. :wink:

how did you know I was in wormhole space?

but honestly, I i’m probably just going to make sure I can get the game to work first, then purchace some omega time.

Keep in mind that modules dependant on Omega skills will offline themselves. Just saying.

well, I should be able to get out of WH space with… uh, those space probes. I think they are alpha skilled. Not sure about my cloak, though.

Cloak won’t work

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Shahfluffers is like a navigator in dune but even more so.

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IIRC, when i lapsed while docked in a T2 raptor, it informed me i didn’t have the skills necessary to fly the ship.

and as mentioned mods that are Omega will offline themselves if in a non omega ship.

You won’t lose the ship, but when you switch to a ship or leave that ship, it will still be there, just can’t fly/shipspin.


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