Possible Alpha Exploit

I was wondering this. If an Omega pilot logged out of their account, in space and cancelled their sub and became an Alpha pilot, would the Alpha pilot still retain the use of the Omega based ship and modules until the Alpha docked up?

Is this an exploit to use Omega’s while being an actual Alpha?

Sorry, for being a $^#& in the sand Alpha pilots, I am just being bored really.

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I could be mistaken but CCP I seem to remember said that in that circumstance the modules would be deactivated when they spawned but they would still be in the hull unable to refit in space or undock once they docked again

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skills get locked anyway so modules will be offlined… and have fun flying a hull without hull or subsystem bonuses.

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I had one of my mains flying around in a Vulture as an Alpha for a while.
Mods are offlined btw.

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so lets make a thread about Exploit or possible exploit lol this will end well

its been 5 days since ISD Dorrim Barstorlode locked a thread he must be so withdrawn

You should try it out and report the results - FOR SCIENCE!!!

You should test it out and if we don’t hear back from you we will know it is bannable :rofl:

It’s been two. :wink:

Also, have some quick facts about what you can and cannot do. Click me for information!

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Thanks for the answer ISD.

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