How to get the best out of Omega?

As far as skills I should be training, what stuff I’m able to do now etc. I’m a noob who started my time in the Eve universe with Dust 514. That game was pretty complex, but it seems this one has way more spreadsheets and menus.

Train this stuff first:

Then add in activity or ship specific skills as you find out what you want to do.

Generally, the best way to get rolling in the game is to:

  1. Do the tutorial.
  2. Move on to the Career Agents to get some stuff and experience different aspects of the game:

  1. Do the Sisters of Eve Epic Arc:

From there, you can think about joining a corp and hopefully have a clearer idea of some of the things you like and dislike doing.

And welcome to EVE- when you have questions, feel free to ask here.



I came in through playing Dust as well- a much under-rated game - and made the jump from Dropship pilot to the wider New Eden. And you are right, it’s much deeper and richer than a ground pounding FPS is ever going to show.

@Leah_Crowleymass’s approach is sound - you don’t need to train the Magic 14 to Level V (you will) but you get 80% of the benefits at Level IV. The wider Eve University site is a superb reference to the mechanics of the game. But do the Career Agents, they teach the basics in a handful of missions.
You’ll realistically need a reasonably fitted Destroyer for the Sisters’ Arc. A modest Cruiser will be a lot easier.

If you find yourself over around Amarr (in Domain - the heart of the Empire) then reach our to me.

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