Skill Sets to Focus on For New Player

Hi Folks, new player here. I just finished the tutorial and I am making my way through the contracts. Can folks give me some input on what they think are the best skills to queue up first? I would have to spend a decent amount of ISK on some to unlock, and I want to make sure I spend my hard-earned bucks wisely. I am looking to get into space fights and trade, primarily, but open to other ideas of what is fun. Thanks in advance!


This totally depends on what career path you’re interested in. Mining/indy, pve, pvp, trading and hauling.

Do you have any initial interest in one of those?

You mentioned space fights, do you mean pvp or pve?

I think this is a good starting point:

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The magic 14 is NOT a good starting point for a new player, you can do fine without training those for quite a while and for many play styles you wouldn’t even care about a large portion of them anyway.

This is your issue, until you figured out what you want to be doing you won’t know what you want to be training and you certainly don’t want to set some long training plan because you will, inevitably, forget about skills or you’ll grow bored of that play style or you just want to add more play styles to the mix.

Don’t set a long training queue, don’t listen to players who say you should (because they don’t know or remember what it is to be an actual newbie). Just add skills along the way as you go and try new things: new weapons, new ships, new play styles. Set to show all skills and browse through the ones that apply to your ship or play style.

For combat you’ll want to focus on your tanking choice, shield or armour, your weapons of choice and a bit of navigation. That allows you to get your combat capabilities up quite fast and it will work quite well. Only once you start using advanced ships, fits or uses you kinda need to start looking at some of the skills in that magic 14 listing.

I would suggest to make different characters, or even different alpha accounts (preferably with the 1 mil SP referral) for different play styles. So in your case, for now, train up one character for combat and one for trading so they can be in their own locations doing their own things.

This is what I personally did: once I learned of referrals, and someone hinted me at doing this, I made a bunch of different acounts to train up different characters for different play styles and/or different factions. Just to try them all out and figure out what I’d actually enjoy doing. You can’t log them on at the same time but they do train at the same time and using that referral they get 1 mil SP to start with which is over a month of alpha training time, meaning you can instantly focus your SP and start doing “new stuff”.

You can get a referral from others but you can also create your own, from your current account, here: Recruit a friend and get rewards | EVE Online
You can make as many accounts as you want using the same email address so there’s really nothing holding you back from trying a whole bunch of things. I would also suggest to do that for your current account if you hadn’t already: 1 mil SP is nothing to sneeze at especially not as an alpha.


Don’t focus on the magic 14… Get yourself in a ship and start training on using the ship better, like missile or artillery skills.

Magic 14 is what you can train when you don’t have anything to train.

Do the career agents and that will give you a pinch of salt of what it’s like in EVE. Plus free skills , ships & ISK.

The biggest question, why did you join EVE

I’d read some great stories about crazy stuff that has happened in this game. Figured I’d check it out!

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Do you want to focus on the pvp aspect? Or start out as pve?

I’d look at joining EVE University corp or Brave Newbies corp. Either one will help you learn the ins and outs of EVE, and give you an idea of what you wanna do.

I’m a big fan of the magic 14, too, but of course you should be able to fly a ship first :slight_smile:
So if you are Caldari, you should have skilled Caldari Frigate and Caldari Destroyer at least to level III, also in gunnery: small hybrid turrets and in missiles light missiles, rockets and missile launcher operation up to III.
I recommend Drones up to V and Target Management up to at least IV soon, no matter what faction you are. As soon as you try Cruisers, you need medium sized weapons, missiles, and drones, which must also be skilled additionally.

For the first weeks EVE Uni recommends a basic skillplan, which may help. It looks huge, but most of the skills you already have by default.

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I like to recommend people start with

Even if they are omega it really walks through some steps including ships and starter skills to train quite well. It’s to be done just after the tutorial.


I would just que up all the shorter ones (<30 min each) because you will most likely need those for some of the modules and it gets annoying to wait 20 mins every time you want to buy something new.

You need a lot of those 14 skills to operate various weapons, shield mods, ship mods, etc.

I agree there are some you can forego at first. But it’s not a bad idea to start accumulating the basics. You’re going to need them later.

Everyone is wrong… and right. Lemme esplain.

The Magic 14 is a good skill set when you are unsure about what you want to train, as they benefit a wide range of ships and careers. Thus, you really can’t go wrong with them. However, if you know exactly what you want to do/fly, you may find you get more mileage out of other skills. For example, the spaceship command skills often provide extremely powerful bonuses per level, but they also apply to an extremely narrow range of ships. Long story short, what’s right for you can vary depending on your circumstances.

Anyway, PvP is a very broad category. Perhaps you can get some more specific advice if you say what kind of PvP you’re interested in (or if you’re just interested in PvP in general).

Also, do note that many groups will have skill plans to help you be able to fly their doctrine ships ASAP. So, depending on what you’re interested in, you might be better off joining a group first, rather than spending a lot of time “getting ready” to PvP. True, some groups only like to ■■■■ with experienced, self-sufficient pilots. But many groups will happily invest in their newbros, because they know a certain percentage of them will stick around and become the badasses of tomorrow.

Sigh, I know many people are against telling newbros to join nullblocs because there are so many other play styles out there, but let’s face it -the nullblocs offer some very attractive benefits to newbros, including free ships, free skill books, training plans, SRP, classes and practicals, mentorships, and plenty of PvE and PvP content. Blob warfare might not be for everyone, but I think they do an amazing job of helping their newbros establish themselves. So, I maintain that they’re a good place to start, but that you should keep in mind that they aren’t everything that Eve has to offer. Thus, if you don’t like it, you should explore other areas of the game, rather than quit Eve. Anyway, some groups may have shut down recruitment due to the war, but Pandemic Horde should still be recruiting.

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