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Hello everyone! I’m a new player here(well i played back in 2010 but that was so long ago that i’m practically new) i plan on using this character for combat related activities lol, i’m not sure which route i’ll go with yet but while i’m trying to figure that out and grinding up some ISK with the starter missions what are some skills that will come in handy and help me regardless on how i decide to play?
Thank you in advance

Welcome Olberion!

People often (wrongly) suggest players to start training the Magic 14 skills before they unlock any fun skills, or make these skills sound more important than they are.

It’s a set of 14 very general support skills that aren’t more important than other skills, but in your case - since you do not yet know what you want to fly - the Magic 14 skills are a good training start as they will be useful in most playstyles.

Train them to level 3 or 4. Eventually you can train some of them to 5 (such as the fitting skills for more powergrid and CPU), but don’t let that take priority over other skills, especilly when those other skilps seem more fun or unlock a ship that you want to use.

When you know what type of ships you want to fly and what kind of weapons you want to learn to use better, it’s not a bad idea to put a few of those levels in front of the ‘Magic 14’ in your queue. After all, it’s much more useful to be able to fly a ship and use guns (or mining lasers, exploration tools, whatever you end up training) than it is to be slightly better in some general support skills.

Also, know that training time for the higher levels takes much more time - it’s much quicker (and thus better) to be level 4 in a lot of relevant skills than to be level 5 in just a couple and level 1 in the rest.

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