Returning Player needing a skill planner any suggestions

The title says it all, I need help with where to start learning skills.

Look up The Magic 14.

Welcome back.

Eve University is a good place to start

3rd party tools like EVEMon 4.0.13 - ESI Edition
will help with planning and managing your queue.

Alliances also have a lot of tools to help new players get started:

Depending on what you already have trained vs where you want to be!

As long as you have core skills sorted (skills that cross multiple overs, like engineer, nav, drone interface, etc, etc…), its just an matter of planning a path towards want you want.

Most suggest if aiming for a specific ship, look at the ship mastery requirements for that ship and level those skills. Though i’d suggest on top of that look at the none listed core support skills (like the gunnery rapid fire, missile rapid launch, and similar skills) that aren’t a specific focused skill, but an multiple skill booster.

Once core skills at at least lvl4, then look into specialiation skills (amarr drones, medium pulse laser, heavy assault missile, etc) up towards lvl4.

Try to avoid skilling directly into a ship without getting those support core skills, as you’ll end up with you ship, but with in a weak state as the extra skills a low or missing.

Any questions just evemail.

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