Master list of Skill Plans?

These forums seem semi dead. Is there a master-list of all assembled skill plans somewhere?

For what exactly? Like plans for different ships?

Like a skill plan for:

Exhumers alt
PI alt
Dread alt
Carrier alt
Cyno alt
Trade alt

Those kind of basics.

Calm down miner.

Doubt it.

Don’t you think it’d be a good idea? Like how are there no skill plans anywhere?

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What an utterly useless comment. With the amount of effort you put into that you could have posted a skill plan.

Not really. I mean the master skill set can give you the basics of what you need

You don’t need a skill plan.

You need critical thinking skills.

These forums are dead.

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The cap alts depend on the corporation you join.
Besides that, CCP gave us the tool to produce, and publish, skill plans so they don’t have to curate them.
Maybe EVE University Corporation Skill Plans - EVE University Wiki ?

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The master list of all assembled skill plans is to add all skills to your skill queue and wait some decades.
It feels kind of pointless to make a skill plan for that.

While the newbie skill plans are great to allow new players to easily pick a direction without requiring in-depth knowledge, I would assume that someone who has been playing for some months, knows the game and knows what kind of ship they want to train into can read skills and fill their own skill queue.

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