Omega Should Include Alpha for FREE aswell

Not sure if this has been discussed:

Alpha accounts can now train for FREE one charecter with limitations.
Omegas as paid accounts that have accelerated training.
These are known facts; my question:

Why can’t paid for Omega accounts not train one Alpha for free as well?

Makes no sense that a person playing a subscription not get access to an Alpha character as well.


I have a support character on the same account to do my non-corporate runs etc and your servers don;t have thousands of secondary accounts for a mule, i.e. Alpha.



Um… Make a new account and train that as an alpha. You can even use the same contact email. It’s not hard.

And unless you buy a multi training certificate, you have always been limited to training one character per account. That is how eve works. Want to train 2 on the same account, buy a multi-training certificate.


No. Go away.


And you don’t need mules. All accounts have limitless storage… Ok it has limits but you can buy a cheap storage container Or two to fix that limit.

If you mean alts for hauling, start a 2nd account. And CCP is not worried about too many extra accounts. People have plenty of uses for them.

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Register as many Alpha accounts as you want, no Omega required.

But of course you’re probably talking about simultaneous training of multiple characters on the same account? Look, CCP is a business that needs to make money. One subscription = one training queue per account. It is entirely reasonable, and at the prices CCP charges for a subscription, it’s actually a pretty good bargain too. No other game gives you this much content, plus free expansions, for such a low price.

Now, I think it’d be neat if each subscribed account was allowed one simultaneous alpha login, and that was the basis for the semi-recent expansion of Alpha skills. Think about it, baseline alpha would be unchanged, but the recent expanded Alpha skillset could be strictly for one account linked to an Omega. I actually only would want such a thing just so I could see advertising emails and popups for the “Alpha/Omega event!”, because I’m a dork above all else.


Because Omega and Alpha are account level distinctions, not character
Reading is FUNdamental


I understand and I get it, just makes little sense almost like the Alpha Omega distinction was only partially thought of. Does CCP really want us to make dozens of free accounts because we can? I think it would be less of a burden to allow paying Omega accounts a simultaneous same account Alpha to train.

Mule in this case is not for storage but for non corporate transportation.
And yes I know I have several Alpha accounts for this purpose and others as I can log into multiple computers to make a mining fleet for FREE.

Just think this is a common sense option for paying subscriptions.

Not for those paying for plex and upgrading to Omega every month. Only for those paying a monthly sub like i do on bot my Omega Accounts.

Would be nice to hear from those that are in some opinions, stupid enough to pay for a subscription that gets them Omega status, like myself.

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Just popping in to say that PLEX costs more than a sub. So people who PLEX actually give more money to CCP than a sub does. On the other hand, a purchased sub like 6-month (which is what I do) is more steady, so there’s a tradeoff to be had there.

Is a big no-no. Probably shouldn’t be announcing it publicly.

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Not empty quoting

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By your logic Omegas should be able to train infinite free Alphas at the same time on their Omega account… because they can do that with multiple accounts for free anyway and it would save on accounts. That has been your only reasoning and it is in my opinion flawed.

This is a violation of the EULA and is terms for banning not only your Alpha but also your Omega account.


You risk being banned from the game.


+1 for the OP.

I pay a yearly sub for this account and I’d love to have the option of selecting 1 of the 3 character slots to be Omega with the other 2 training as Alpha.

Obviously that isn’t going to happen so the other 2 characters on this account will remain newbie with only the skills they had upon creation.

What a waste of character slots. And no I’m not going to pay for Multiple Character Training.


Currently, there is a trade-off. If you have 3 characters, pay one sub, you can have:

  • One account: Only one training queue, but all 3 characters can use previously trained omega skills (convenient for cyno, industry and PI alts)
  • Multiple accounts: All can train, but only the omega account can train or use omega skills. (convenient to make alpha combat alts)

There is a reason to keep your characters on one account and there is a reason to spread them. Being able to switch a character from omega to alpha on a whim within an account would be quite powerful. You could keep training a character, then when you need a cyno, just switch it to “secondary omega”, enable those cyno skills, use it, and once done just switch back to alpha to continue training for free. That’s a bit much…

The current system forces you to stick with one state unless you change which account you are paying a sub for, which I think is fine. You can always create more alpha accounts any ways.


I pay a subscription for my two accounts. At one point I had 3. You have to remember, prior to Alpha accounts And the multi-character training certificate (which are only about 2 years old), if you wanted to train 2 accounts, you paid for 2 accounts. Trails were only for a few weeks, so that did not get you much time for free either.

Then if you wanted less accounts, you would pay to transfer a character to one account, losing the simultaneous training method.

So really, this is something that is as old as EVE. It’s just how the game mechanics work so people don’t have to go leveling like in say a WoW.



This thread is a corner and the OP is sitting on it with his fecking cup out.


I don’t think it matters much one way or the other. Six months down the road everyone will have their all their Alphas maxed and no one will be skill training anyway.

What the OP is suggesting is simply speeding up the inevitable.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:


Maybe I don’t exactly understand but this is the way I see the OP’s proposal.

Currently I’m an Omega Clone that’s training up skills. There’s also 2 other characters on this account which are also Omega Clones but they aren’t training any skills due to the rule of only having 1 character training skills per account. That rule applies to Alpha accounts as well.

Currently the Multiple Character Training option only applies to Omega accounts, I see no problem in allowing Alpha accounts to access that option as well. That would bring in more money for CCP.

For Omega accounts, I don’t see any problem having the other 2 characters on the account train skills at Alpha account speed while the main character continues training skills at Omega account speed. If the player want’s those other 2 characters to train skills at Omega speed, then they can buy and apply a Multiple Character Training cert to that account.

It’s my understanding this thread is about skill training, it doesn’t matter which character is logged in on the Omega account, if that character has Omega skills then it can use them. Currently that character can’t be logged in with another character on that account so no problem of having a Cyno character on the account being activated to help the main character.

Currently it can’t train skills if another character on that account is already training skills, unless a Multiple Character Training cert has been applied, at which case all selected characters will then train skills at Omega speed.

Since the Omega account is a paid subscription with 1 character training skills at Omega speed, I see nothing wrong with having the other 2 characters training skills at Alpha speed.


Report yourself for TOS/EULA violation.