Omega Should Include Alpha for FREE aswell

I’ll simply repeat what someone already stated, for the folks who lack knowledge and reasoning:

Being Alpha or omega is an account state. Either the account (and thus all characters) are alpha, or omega. You thus CAN NOT have both an omega character AND an alpha on the same account.

Stop being dumb.

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Ummm, noshit Sherlock. That’s not the issue.

The thread topic is about having the 2 other characters on an Omega account able to train skills like Alpha Clones.

I see nothing wrong with that, I’m an Omega clone with 2 other Omega clones on this account that are doing nothing. Since Alpha accounts can train for free, the 2 other characters on Omega accounts should be able to train for free as Alpha Clones.


5 year old child’s voice: “I want MORE!”



Are they over 5 million SP though? If so, then that exceeds what and alpha can freely train anyway.

IIRC you can only have 1000 storage, each having 1000 items.
so bpc can only be hold up to 1 000 000 . That’s very limited :stuck_out_tongue:

Typical troll reply, doesn’t matter what you say anyway. And yes, I’m a paying customer so I expect better service and more abilities compared to you Alpha’s.

Just remember a long time ago CCP said they’d never put Micro Transactions into the game, then they did. CCP also said they would never go Free To Play, now that option is in the game.

One thing is for sure, never say never.

And since CCP loves to cater to the ‘Instant Gratification’ crowd, don’t be surprised if it eventually happens.


No, all they have is the base amount of skills that a new character has when they’re created. Reason why is because this character is my main which I keep skill training at Omega level. However due to that I have 2 other newb characters on the account doing nothing.

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“You alphas” you’re still the same delusional idiot as ever, I can go away for a bit, come back and nothing much has changed.


What’s the point? Nothing forbids you to make a new Gmail account, send an invitation to it from your main and make a new Alpha account. Then keep playing on your Omega and train the Alpha as a side.

In addition, if you ever decide to upgrade the Alpha to Omega, you will:

  1. Receive a free month of sub on the original Omega; and
  2. You can play on both at the same time, which you can’t do if they’re both on the same account.

The point is that they want MORE, because more is better. Easier is also better and if something would take no effort at all that would even be beterererer. It’s the typical carebear mindset.


Back then Iron and D2 were just as much carebearing, just as bad. The old north and everything/one that came from that has much to be ashamed of.

Interesting idea.

Maybe for Omega who sub for 1 year, they unlock 1 extra training queue, sub for 2 years, unlock 2 extra training queues.

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This stuff flies over my head or something.

It’s like these people have no real problems so they make them where there are none. They then take those and try to make them into other people’s problems too, whatever the ■■■■ for. And along it comes the template “I PAID for this, I am ENTITLED to that and I EXPECT…” crap.

The launcher is highly supportive of the method I wrote of too. There is no need to relog or anything. I run 4 characters on 4 different accounts. 3 are Omegas, 1 is Alpha. When I start my day, I log in the Alpha, set up the training queue for 24+ hours, then turn it off, back to launcher, CLICK CLICK CLICK and I’m multiboxing on all 3 Omegas at the same time, while the Alpha trains on for free, which I’ll eventually up to Omega as well. Plus I’ve gotten 2 months of free sub on my main Omega from the two alt Omegas. Something you just can’t do if everything is on the same account.

What is wrong with people.

edit: grammar

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Also I have 3*2 alts that are only for PI/research.

If you want to fly two ships at once, or train two characters at once, pay for it.

Caveat: Currently buying MCT costs more in cash, than in PLEX (for cash) for in-game activated MCT.

I am at a loss to explain why this is.

Perhaps there is less administrative/exchange overhead for purchasing MCT ingame for PLEX, than MCT bought directly with cash.

You are in effect saying that you want to pay for 1 sub, and have 3 Omega characters on it, 2 of which got their first 5 million SP for free.

That’s what MCTs are for.

Omegas can already have all the Alphas training they care to register. Just not on their Omega accounts.

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First of all, MCT’s aren’t free.

Secondly, an Omega account makes CCP money with a paid subscription whereas an Alpha account doesn’t.

So yeah, I want my other 2 characters on my paid Omega account to have the same options currently available on Alpha accounts which they get for free.

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What he is saying is …

When you give someone a finger, they eventually want the whole hand.

It is related to the law of One More Nerf™. Current people demand something, because they are needy. They will receive it and shut up. Eventually new people, later, will demand something (which is more, from the perspective of the old people), because they are needy. They were born into the “new” more, aka the status quo post change.

Or, because that paragraph was a trainwreck, in other words:

Old status quo:
People want a change and get it.

New status quo:
New people come and want a change, because they never experienced the old status quo.

It is a guaranteed downward spiral you drop in to whenever you give in to leechers, freeloaders, whining princesses and self entitled scrubs. The same argumentation is also used by the US of A when it comes to negotiating with terrorists, btw:

You give in once and they will demand more eventually.


True but I thought you could double nest… For example you could have 1000 station containers each containing 1000 general storage containers, each holding 1000 BPCs.

Also, corp hangars can contain about 1500 items per hangar which is why being your own corp can help at times. And this could be 1500 storage containers.

But yes, if you go a little overboard making BPCs, you can get stuck.

I thought that is not the case so I went checking it and unfortunately as I recalled that is not the case. Tried to put “regular” containers in my station warehouse and it is not possible (same message that you get when you try to put any container into any other) and same for MTUs and depots as well. Even tried with (re)packaged containers and still no.

The part regarding a container can store up to 1K BPCs is true that is how I transport and mass contract them all the time as each contract can only hold 500 items but those can be 500 containers each with a theoretical maximum of 1K BPCs each so the theoretical maximum BPCs (or stack of items) can be contracted in one single contract is 500K item(stack)s (BPCs and/or other kind).