Omega Should Include Alpha for FREE aswell


Then explain this to other games that have skill training speed up on one character but not the rest. Because, like the bumble bee who’s wings arent structurally correct for it to fly… They’re doing it.


Cant do lost leader’s. They’re illegal in the US. Which is what having the additional character slots that cant train anything are.

Specifically the “free trial” was 14 days. If a player was unable to plex or buy a sub for a period of time, the player could not play. Alpha in some ways addresses this issue and is a very welcome feature. It’s less than 2 years old.

Your other two characters are also Omega - stop training the one character - train the other on the same account at Omega speed

Do you mean Loss Leaders? Items sold below purchase value in the hopes consumers will buy other items/accessories thus actually increasing store profits?

If so, they are not illegal in the US. They are quite common. Many grocery stores sell milk at below cost hoping consumers buy other items at the same time. Heck my most recent printer cost 30$ and the first ink replacements cost 45$. That is a loss leader. Even some consoles operate on the premise that you lose or break even on the console itself but money is made on the games.


I know that.

This character has full set of +5 Attribute Implants so it will continue training skills up until there’s no more skills to train.

Meanwhile the other 2 character slots on the account are just a waste.


Charles - loss leaders are legally used all the time in the US, they are not illegal. What is illegal is advertising a loss leader sale while knowingly not having any of that item. For a time I made a living in sales - we would have the loss leader on the sales floor and if the customer wanted it they took it, but it was placed such that they could see the better value of a similar item that hopefully the sales crew could sell. Nothing illegal in that at all. By the same token EVE has had the 3 characters per account for a long time, with only one way to train - turn off training on the primary and train the secondary. Nothing wrong with CCP offering MCT.

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How so? They can’t skill train but that does not make the slots a waste.

Without any training they could be used as a set of eyes in any system or as a price checking alt in a trade hub.

For just one skill injector, they could become a basic hauler or trade alt.

Or save up more isk, buy a toon, and transfer it over. You gain a useful toon you do not have to train.

Or start a separate alpha account. Train it for a few months up to the 5 mil free so training limit. Then spend the 20 to transfer the character.

Just because you choose to do nothing with those slots does not mean they have no use or value.

Also, training 1 character for all skills is… Limiting. Training a combat toon in a PvP corp to mime or haul isn’t a good idea. If you don’t plan to make T2 or T3 items, many science skills have no value. (Gavitrin Physics being the exception). Heck, I don’t think outpost construction V has a use right now in game. So don’t assume you will train all skills on one toon. It’s not worth it.


There seems to be one major flaw in people’s thinking. All 3 characters on the account are Omega if it is an Omega account. Long before the advent of MCT, I trained both secondary characters to be able to do PI, to be able to fly a blockade runner and to use a covert ops cloaking device. I did this on two accounts - for a total of 4 secondary characters. Once those were trained where I wanted them - I only trained on my two primaries. Only Omega characters can do the things I trained them to do - I still run them - making about 3+B ISK each month.

Your secondaries are there for you to use as you like - all you have to do is train them — the MCT is a “gift” of sorts in that you can now train without stopping the training on your primary.

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I have over 190 mill SP’s and all of those skills have value, even when used just once. My character does a little bit of everything and in my opinion it’s much better to have the skill already trained before it’s needed compared to waiting for that skill to train when it’s needed.


Which other games?

That’s right - when Microsoft released the XBOX, an 800MHz PIII desktop with 64MB RAM still knocked you back shy of $1000 - the XBOX was less than half that. Microsoft NEVER made any money on the hardware. That’s why the games are $50+. THAT’s where the money was made. That and Live Premium subscriptions.

Or he could pay money, and if he is unable to pay, then he hopefully has different priorities! Wtf is this with you implying people never actually pay for this game? Are you poor?


An Omega account does have the same options as an Alpha account, and has more options with elevated privileges in terms of training speed and the ability to activate MCT.

An Alpha account can only train 1 character at a time, just like Omega accounts.

So just like an Alpha account can, an Omega account can:

  1. create a new character in the 2nd or 3rd slot
  2. stop the current training queue
  3. start training on the new character

Costs nothing more, but you still have all the benefits of the Omega account. This is the way it’s always been.

The options are exactly the same in that regard. However, Omegas have the advantage of full speed training and can pay for MCT, neither of which Alpha accounts have.

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That’s not what I’m talking about. I don’t know why you people keep stating facts that I already know.

That statement you quoted basically meant that Alpha accounts have free subscription (NO MONEY COST) with one character skill training at half speed. My Omega account is a PAID subscription with one character training at full speed. While my Omega character is training skills at full speed, I’d like the other 2 characters on my PAID account to be training skills at Alpha speed with the same skill training restriction of half speed and a 5 Mill skill point cap. If an MCT is applied, then the character with active skill training do it at Omega speed with access to all Omega skills.

Anyway, I can understand Alpha account players being against it. Course along with that change, make MCT’s available and active for Alpha accounts too, that could probably net CCP more revenue.

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Who’s you people?

I’m just me, responding to what you asked for, which is exactly what already exists.

That you actually want more than what we’ve always had available as subscribers, isn’t at all just “the same options currently available on Alpha accounts” as they don’t at all have the option to train multiple characters.

You want something new for Omegas.

Asking for something new is fine. That would be a great addition in my view, but it’s not true to claim it’s an option currently available to Alphas.

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‘You People’ means more than one. In other words, you’re not the only one to post current mechanics regarding MCT’s, Alpha and Omega accounts. Fact’s that I already know. Also I never said Alpha accounts have the option to train multiple characters.

This thread was about adding to and changing those mechanics.

Alpha accounts would be allowed to use MCT’s which would net CCP more money. They would still keep their restrictions of reduced skill training speed, access to certain skills and level’s as well as skill cap of 5 mill SP’s. Of course Alpha Skill injectors would still be usable to extend that skill cap.

Omega accounts would have the other 2 character slots on their accounts train skills as Alpha clones with the same Alpha restrictions. When an MCT is applied to the Omega account, the Alpha restrictions are lifted and characters with active skill training do so as Omega clones.

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This is fine, but it’s also not an option Alphas currently have.

This statement doesn’t match what you wrote before:

Maybe if people are responding in line with what the current situation is, it isn’t a case of “why do you people…”, but a case where you could have actually been clearer (ie. if there’s an issue, there’s always a chance that it lies in what was written, not how it’s being responded to).

Boiled down, this is the question:

-Would CCP earn more if they include a free Alpha into each Omega?

The answer is more than likely “no”.

Reason for that, is that for every one player that might be encouraged to Omega, when before they didnt, that will be cancelled out in sales by another person that used to Omega two accounts but will then Omega only one (as the free Alpha fills the other accounts role sufficiently).

1 account, 3 character slots, only 1 character can train skills.

An Alpha account is free and even with the reduced training time and skill cap, there’s little incentive to upgrade to Omega, especially with the recently expanded skill list, ship and modules access. Allowing MCT’s to be active on Alpha accounts could bring in some money on those otherwise FREE accounts.

If an Omega account was able to train 1 character slot as Omega and have 1 of the 2 other character slots train as an Alpha account, that could be incentive for Alpha accounts to upgrade to Omega.

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