Omega vs Alpha Clones

After reading the proposed changes in December, I still feel CCP is just papering over what needs to happen - how the game should function, in relation to Alpha/Omega clone capability:

Whatever skills your character earns, (while subscribing as an Omega clone), you keep.

As a returning player, I cannot currently afford a perpetual subscription to this game, therefore it’s meaningless paying anything AT ALL, if I lose all the additional capability once the subscription runs out and the char/s return/s to Alpha state.

With this change, all characters/accounts that were previously subscribed are now viable, (for returning players!) and ANY subscription, of any length, (paying CCP ANY amount of money), is VIABLE for new players/characters in the long term. If subscribing for one month (£10) is all I need for my chars to be able to use BC’s then I’d think about it - irrespective of the further plans you have for December, which IMO, wouldn’t be as necessary with this change.

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Yeah no

The nightmare this would be on the market as people no longer had to pay anything for their massive hs mining fleets alone would be to much.

Not to mention the now highly inexpensive throwaway cyno accounts

YES gib all toons free purple titans for free!

CCP make it happen exclamation mark and stuff. Gib capitals for everyone, gib infinite purple mods for everyone and EVE is done in only 4 weeks. Make mucherererererer cheat stix, gib new born babies the keys to the nuclear arsenal of the world and let them havoc- erm have it.

CCP gib all zee titans. Make highsec titans and all gib titans, so the new born babies can has titans. If you accidentally go bankrupt in the process, thank your cheat stix devolopers for have much good ideas and stuff.


Paying is still worth it because you get to use your high-end ships/skills for the month that you pay for. Be glad that alpha accounts exist at all, and you don’t get kicked out entirely when you stop paying.

If this change were made, all people would have to do is pay for enough game time to train up to their desired skill level (based on what ships they want to fly and modules they want to use), then cancel their subscription and play free forever.

How about no?

Many more people would stop paying than would start.

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I agree. lots of people don’t want to fly things bigger than a cruiser anyways since ccps whole anti large ship spree. sure an alpha wont be able to fly a deimos or something similar, but a t1/faction navy and even pirate ship with t2 weapons since lot of people like pvping with things like gila or navy ships? why pay to go do pvp or anything else you don’t have to for?

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Won’t happen buddy. You got the game for free, be happy its no longer a game based on subscription only.

How is it meaningless? That seems very subjective to you specifically. That would assume you never use any of the skills or ships available to you under the new system. If anything it’s a great benefit to anyone who falls under those categories.

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I must be missing something. I am not the most active player, but I keep my account active, enough that I have 185mil SP. That being said, you would think I would be an automatic Omega, but I sign on after this recent update and find I am an Alpha and I can not train anything until I pay for Omega. Worse, I had existing game time paid for and that was stopped, so that I could be forced to switch to Omega. I am really wondering about the direction this game is taking, it is frustrating to say the least.

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You can’t afford 33p (or whatever your version of 33p is) a day for entertainment? I’m not trying to flame you, it’s just when you think about it EvE is pretty cheap, considering you get several updates a year and never have to “buy” any of them. Other games that are free to play generally make their money from REQUIRED dlc or other such methods.

If you lost legitimate training time as a result of the change to clone states, you can make a ticket and probably get it reimbursed. It’s only frustrating if you sit there not telling anyone who can help you.

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