Delta Clones

(Valdr Auduin) #1

What does everyone think of a middle-ground clone state between Alpha and Omega? ‘1x’ Training speed with Omega-only access to skills allowed, in-faction/race Omega ships unlocked, and ships of other empires unlocked at additional cost compared to Omega.

Some have suggested it to replace Omega alts, allowing a player or account to only have one Omega at a time, others have suggested it as a “budget version” of running an Omega clone state.

(Ben Ishikela) #2

its unbalanced.

(Daichi Yamato) #3

Think of how many older players, like myself, who don’t really need to train anything. Could be hundreds, maybe thousands of accounts that would opt to pay less.

Doubt this is good idea from a business perspective.

(Luc Chastot) #4

Somethink I believe CCP will do at some point, probably working around a kind of “incrementing returns” principle, meaning a $7.50 USD sub will give you less than half of what a full one does; also, balance is something they will certainly want to mantain, so don’t expect more than access to a bit more of what Alphas already have access to. It will likely be only attractive to those who want to start paying for EVE, but are still not convinced the game is worth the whole fee, a CCP strategy to get people more invested in the game.